2018-12-12 #9 Iowa Speedway

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    Session name: http://www.virtual-oval.de

    Session description: European NASCAR League. More at http://www.virtual-oval.net! Only for European drivers.
    Server farm: NL-Ams
    Num servers: 1
    Session hours: 4 hours
    iRating range: all
    # incidents before DQ: No limit set
    License range: all
    Restrict results: Anybody can view results
    Restrict spectators: Anybody can watch this session
    Session admins: Michael Krafzik, Zsolt Bályi, Thomas Nolden, Alexander Becker, Marius Lederer, Alexander Hurst, Daniel Pohl, Frank Schichterich
    Start time (local): 12.12.2018, 18:55:00
    Start time (gmt): Wed, 12 Dec 2018 17:55:00 GMT
    Track: Iowa Speedway - Oval
    Time Of Day: 2018-05-15 2:55 pm
    Fixed Setups: Yes
    Car Class: All cars
    Car: NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado
    Max Fuel Fill %: 100%
    Weight Penalty: 0 lb
    Race Setup: 74161
    Qual Setup: 74161
    Car: NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra
    Max Fuel Fill %: 100%
    Weight Penalty: 0 lb
    Race Setup: 74201
    Qual Setup: 74201
    Maximum racers: 40
    Tournament: no
    Practice length: 90 mins (1 hours, 30 mins)
    Qualifier length: 2 laps or 5 mins
    Race length: 172 laps or 145 mins
    Num joker laps: 0
    Starting type: Rolling start
    Num fast repairs: 0
    Cautions: Race control (Ovals) + Admin
    Lucky dog: On
    Restart type: double file, lapped cars to the back
    Hardcore level: Disallow all driving aids (but clutch assist OK)
    Team Driving: Not Enabled