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    My apologies for the final caution. I wanted to check the replay first to see what happened.

    There was an opportunity to go three-wide because the top lane went very high. I thought I had less room on the right and stayed too much to the left. There was a moment and I had to correct it. That was the reason I tapped the yellow/black car around. He spun into the white/red Supra on top.

    Besides that moment, it was an exciting race. The top lane got stalled for 30 laps or so.

    A gentleman agreement doesn't have to be in the rules.

    I get that. However, if no one tells you about the unwritten rules, new people will never know about them. Only afterwards if they violate them and everyone gets upset. This goes for any group or team anywhere (work, sports team, league, etc.).

    A good example, simracing related, is the way people handle starts in multi-class races. For some reason, people leave (huge) gaps between the classes and is a result of a gentlemen agreement. It's not written in the rules by iRacing. A new iRacing member doesn't know about this until his/her first multi-class race start. If that new driver floors it or doesn't follow the rest, he/she is not violating any rules but the other drivers are angry.

    I started working at a new company last year and they had their particular way of working. Because they work together like that for a long time, they are used to it and never thought of writing anything down. It was all 'normal' for them. But it was not normal for any new employees like me. I was doing things differently because nobody told me about their way of working and they got upset. If their way of working is right or wrong, is a different discussion. :P

    The reason I asked upfront, I wanted to make sure I don't violate any rules or gentlemen's agreement.

    I got my answer to my original question. Let's focus on the racing. :wheel:

    just stay in the gentleman agreement and all is fine.
    tbh the Q-time in daytona really doesn´t matter. survive is all matter

    What's the gentleman's agreement here? I only see the one about (re)starts in the rules. I haven't seen another agreement. As I mentioned, this is my first time with VO at Daytona. A lot of things are new. For more experienced drivers a lot of things may be well known.

    You can say Q time is not important, but your chances of survival can be higher if you are at the front (or the back). That's my experience in official racing at least. It's less of a problem here.

    how will you check this? just believing everyone that he is not doing it? i don't thinkt that will work... its the same with all the trick the iracing tire model "allows"... you can't check for them and bann them. this is an issue iracing has in public service too

    I agree that it's very difficult to check and that it makes more sense to allow it, because of that. In this case, it would make more sense to allow it and share this knowledge with everyone, so everyone has the same opportunity.

    I was wondering because Ray Alfalla mentioned in an onboard tutorial that it's allowed in qualifying by iRacing and I didn't see anything about it in the rules. :)

    2021 Season 1 Patch 3 - Release Notes [2021.01.13.03]



    - Fixed an issue where lead-lap cars were sometimes not receive a spotter message about lucky dog or free-pass cars coming up behind them.

    Endlich! I often forgot about the lucky dog. This happened to me a lot:

    Thank you everyone for an amazing season. It was my first season at VO and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Also great to see the grid being stable, in terms of numbers, throughout the season.:top: Looking forward to next season already!

    I wasn't sure if I could make it, due to home situation. At the final moments of practice, I was able to race after all. IMS is an interesting circuit for stock cars. The setup was quite loose at first, which made the stint interesting and more fun than I expected. :)

    We had some good runs yesterday. I had to stop a lap later than I wanted during both green flag runs, because it surprised me every time how close those yellow cones are. "Pit this time.. Nope, not going to make it." :D

    During one of the pit stops we had a very slow driver in front of us. Because the pit lane was so long, I reckoned I would be able to pass him before the pit stalls. I was able to pass him but Björn and Sergio not.

    Reminder: if you are on pit road, please drive the pit speed limit. Otherwise drive on the left and let the others go by. This is not the first time this situation happened this season.

    In the final run I had a good battle with Doug. I managed to keep him behind me and finish P4. In terms of pace, I think that's where I should finish. Borja, Kelvin, and Frank are just a bit quicker than me on the long run. That's something I need to work on.

    Kelvin, congratulations again with the championship and the Fairplay championship!:top:

    That's my season over with a bang. :(

    It was a solid race until I hit the wall in the second stint, because I was trying to fiddle with my relative black box.

    My pace was too slow to wait for the next cycle of pit stops, so I decided to pit early. Got back on the track right behind Borja, so I was in a good position in case there was a lucky dog.

    At some point in the race it was me, #105, and #17 together. I was battling with with #105 for the lucky dog position. #17 exited T2 slower than expected and I had to lift. Otherwise I would run into him. That surprised #105 as well and then he turned me when he wanted to pass #17 as well.

    While spinning in the middle of the track, I got hit by #114.

    Sven#114 All good. Apology accepted. :) I was disappointed at the moment, because that was the final blow for my race. From the replay it looked indeed like you weren't paying attention or couldn't make a choice. You never dedicated to either high or low.

    Such a pity my season is over because of this one moment. No chance at the championship anymore and Fair Play championship is also decided. Focus will be on the next season now.

    To end on a positive note: NAB Racing is team champions!:yeah:

    On to IMS.