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    A sad ending for a pretty good race. I was managing my temperatures for a final push to the finish, but my car said no and decided to blow up. :(

    Sorry for the minor contact at the end Manuel (I believe it was you). You or the car in front suddenly slowed down and moved to the 3rd line. I couldn't do anything else but to dive to the middle.

    Ugh... This race left an awful taste for me.

    I was very surprised by the pole time, because I was nowhere near the top times in practice and my lap wasn't great either.

    The first caution, I went low but still touched the 22 very lightly. Unfortunately, he went round and I couldn't get off him so he went round. I feel really bad about that one because I wasn't going for the pass. I was trying out different lines and I thought I chose the middle on the exit. But that was not enough. :(

    Then I had a couple of great battles with Roland!

    In the end, it was very chaotic. A couple of lead lap cars are battling. At the same time, Roland and I were fighting for the lucky dog position. Someone in front of me slowed down significantly and I touched him. I think it was the 12 in front of me. I braked and the 12 was able to save it. I was trying to keep control as well, but then I got hit.

    On to Talladega. 8|

    A rollercoaster of a race for me. You really notice when you missed a couple of races. I didn't feel comfortable in the start and I just couldn't get into a rhythm. In the first stint I was searching what worked best for me. As a result, I scraped the wall a couple of times. I managed to fix my line in the second stint and finally found something that worked on the long run.

    The caution came at the perfect moment for my strategy, as I divided the race in three equal parts. Got the damage fixed and was hopeful for a top 10 finish! Then I got sucked into the wall again in T1 and it all went downhill from there. The weird thing is, I wasn't even pushing it. I even lifted earlier (at least in my mind) than normal, but I have the idea it was aero wash. I'd have to double check, but I got in the wall whenever someone close behind me would dive to the inside of T1.

    All in all: not the result I hoped but good to be back!

    gibts bei euch keine klimageräte oder ventilatoren?

    Reminds me of this sketch. 😄

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    That was an intense race. It's a very difficult track to race on. Especially with such a competitive field! If you go for a pass and fail, you get freight trained by the cars behind you. It also gives the cars behind you the opportunity to catch up and get into a downward spiral. I had that in the middle of the race. Luckily, I could save my tires better and return at the run's end.

    Unfortunately, I got involved in the crash on lap 75. It was an unfortunate situation because Marius tried to avoid Frank, but at the same time I noticed Daniel coming to my left and I thought we were already past Frank. Oh well, it happens. At least I could repair the car and finish the race. Pocono is not on my list of favourite tracks.

    Sorry Roland, for scaring you somewhere after the first pit stops. I was much slower than you anticipated. I still had the line and corner speed for old tires in my mind.

    Not really, because the "plate" racing on the 1.5-mile ovals in previous years was due to the package of the old car. I think the next-gen car does not really have that obvious "plate racing" anymore.

    The article describes they wanted to make Atlanta unique (it was already, but it was also falling apart). That's why they turned it into a mini superspeedway. Although it's pack racing, it's not exactly the same as Daytona and Talladega.

    I recommend reading the article. It's very interesting how such a process works.

    The track was made a bit smaller and more banking. It's like superspeedway racing, but then on a 1.5 mile oval.

    The article was a good read. Quite long indeed, but awesome to read about the process. iRacing had a big influence in the design phase of the reconfiguration.

    A bit bummed by my stupid mistake at the beginning of the race. I decided to fix as much as possible at the first stop and hope for a caution. Unfortunately for me, that caution never came and P12 was the result. That meant I couldn't hold on to my 5th place in the championship, but 6th is still my best result in VO (Pro).

    Thank you, competitors and organisation, for a great season!

    First of all, apologies to Johannes for the contact after the last restart. There were two lapped cars and I was setting up the pass and did not expect you wanted to pass me at the same time. I let you by a couple of moments later to make up in because I wasn't sure if it was my fault.

    It was an interesting race with the leading driving relatively slow to save tires. I got the tire wear warning in the first stint and I noticed what I was doing wrong. After the first stop, I was able to manage the tires way better.

    The last restart was interesting with that long single line and traffic all mixed. :D  Thomas Nolden I was indeed taking it easy in the beginning, but I was wondering why you all were so fast. I started to doubt myself until I noticed the gaps were tipping towards my favour quickly.

    P5 is my best VO career finish, so I'm very pleased with that result. Dover is quite the unique track which I needed to figure out in the beginning. After it clicked, it was great. See you all at the next one.

    Super happy with my 6th place finish. This is my best result in VO Pro. 🥳

    I was able to catch Arron and Nigel in the second run. Luckily I was good to go on fuel. 3 or 4 litres to spare thanks to lift and coast as I was behind a train of cars.

    At the late caution, Frank and I thought: screw it, let's gamble and take 2 tires + a splash of fuel. Still managed to hold on to P6 after the two overtime cautions. It was very stressful. :P

    I noticed there is not a lot of people trying (very) different strategies in these races. Were there more who took 2 tires at the third caution?

    Front damage from a checkup on the restart that meant I couldnt keep up with the back of the pack and then divebombed twice by cars on fresh tyres as I was pitting even though I'd signalled I wanted to pit and stayed left exiting 3. Moving on.

    We danced around each other between T3 and 4. I didn't see or hear a message of you pitting, so I reckoned I pass you on the exit of T3. Then you started coming down when I was already committed to the left and had no possibility to change direction. Maybe I missed your message. I see it as a miscommunication and no big deal further.

    It would be an accomplishment to dive-bomb someone on the exit of a corner or straight between T3 and 4. :P