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    Hello all,

    I signed up to Virtual Oval couple days ago and I was reading through the rules.

    I have one question in regards of section 4.2 and specifically the Wave Around regulation.

    The rule book states that:

    „Wave Around“
    Lapped drivers who have not visited the pits (pit lane) during a caution and thus on next restart directly in front of the drivers on the lead lap, may overtake the pace car and rejoin behind the field. The lapped thus get back a lap, but must go without fresh tires and a full tank. A pitstop in the Re-lap round (s) is prohibited! The "Wave Around" is performed by iRacing, depending on the distance, one or two laps before the restart.
    The instructions issued the simulation automatically.

    The question I have in regards of the red marked area on the above is:

    Does this mean that if any car takes the Wave Around, they effectively forfeit their Pit Stop for the remainder of the race or for the remainder of the Full Course Yellow session?

    Thank you in advance,