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    I also have the Rift S and I fixed the viewpoint problem by:

    - opening task manager, tab "details"

    - right click on the OVRServer.exe process

    - set priority -> high

    Hey Aitor.

    I`m not sure if you read it in the chat after race. I`m really really sorry for bumping you out of the way at the last laps! I wasnt even planning to attack you in this corner, I just missed the brake point by a bit while trying to get closer to attack you the right way a few corners after that, but yeah...

    You wont believe me how happy i was as i saw that you saved your car and did not "intentionally" cause the yellow since this was the only real mistake from me this race. ;)

    hey alex, I saw your message but I didn't say anything because I forgot about it, too much thinking in my head. no worries sir, as long as you understood the situation, I'm fine with it, just let it go and let's move on. see you on track!

    don't worry gabriel, I think it's still my fault because when I got the contact I thought I got too close to you. I got extremely lucky of not getting touched by anybody though.

    I didn't expect you guys to watch my iRacing profile and discover my best hobby HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm dying

    thanks guys, I really appreciate it <3 have a nice 2019

    I would like to apologize for the yellow on lap 28. Aitor Sintes-Galindo, sorry mate. :(

    no problems mate, but keep in mind that I've been in several races with you and you've caused several troubles. I'd love not to make a mindset in which it tells me "hey, this guy is dangerous, better to think twice before overtaking him". on official races yes, but not on VO.

    Still, I'm not the brightest mind anyway, instead of hitting the brakes I still went full throttle à la Grosjean @ Barcelona 2018. the #76 would have thanked me.

    I just love NASCAR. one the cleanest races ever, with 2-3 green flag pitstops, descends into pure chaos after the first caution and then a one-lap shootout which was just like "f****t the last".

    übersetzt das forum automatisch wenn man englisch einstellt? sehr geil. aber musste beim zitat von getu jetzt doch sehr lachen, da es frank's post übersetzt hat:

    ah no hahahaha, it's just me that I quoted frank without switching off google translate and it kept that translation, that's how I read you guys and somehow understand you :D

    Really sorry about that, that was the most "iberian" divebomb I've ever done. Dumb mistake.

    You still managed to do a great run and be P5 by the time we did the green flag pitstop though, so it seemed you were okay after all.

    Will I ever learn to not crash into people?

    It's a pity what happened to this series. But just like the orchestra from Titanic, I played until the ship sinked.

    Whatever you do with this series, I will support you. I bought the SLM just for this series, so I don't bother buying another car (tour modified?).

    Ah almost forgot ... I had a terrifying moment when Aitor wanted to get inside and caught me at the rear. At then neatly frittered by T3. But everything went well

    yeah, you made an awesome save though. I expected the worst, but you managed to keep it on track. I gave you the position back, you deserved it and I don't like to do bump and runs (and it wasn't intentional).