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  • retsrofekaj

    Oops I lost my give a shit.
    Try to form clean runs on people, use the unoccupied space on the track but what does that matter when all you need to do is open up the steering or gas it up to put the car you’re racing in the wall.

    Pretty common…
  • retsrofekaj

    Congratulations Marvin A. on the win, I only managed to come up with one run off of two that I might have been able to do something with but got to your bumper too late down the straight to pull out and carry the run into turn three so thought better…
  • (Quote from Carsten Theile)

    Win or lose I never complain about a good battle and that’s what you set up between me and Brain 😁
    You almost found a gap to get up into the top lane on that restart off of turn four, I’d just started to roll out of the…
  • retsrofekaj

    I love short track season, been a fun couple of weeks off the bat and still Bristol to look forward to next week.
    Another good race with plenty of fun battles, messed myself up there about halfway through wheel hopping the car down into three and into…
  • retsrofekaj

    I need my rookie badge back : uff:

    Had some good fun battles for the first one hundred laps so it wasn’t a totally wasted night, good win Carsten!