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    Oops I lost my give a shit.

    Try to form clean runs on people, use the unoccupied space on the track but what does that matter when all you need to do is open up the steering or gas it up to put the car you’re racing in the wall.

    Pretty common occurrence here for drivers to push up the track as soon as a car gets a run on the outside which is no good racing to me. If you don’t want the car behind to use the space to your outside, roll off the brake a touch and slide in front of their nose, not when their door is at your quarter panel

    Congratulations Marvin A. on the win, I only managed to come up with one run off of two that I might have been able to do something with but got to your bumper too late down the straight to pull out and carry the run into turn three so thought better of sailing it in on you 😁

    A disastrous race averted with the luck of a well timed caution. During practice my steering wheel cable started playing silly buggers. It would connect and disconnect taking away (most importantly) my gear shifters. On the initial green I managed to grab third gear but going down into one it disconnected and couldn’t get fourth, managed to give the alert to Aaron who lead the path for others to pass me safely before I managed to get fourth gear, then promptly pulled the cable from the pc so the disconnections and reconnections didn’t make my sim freeze every time the connection was broke.

    Started at the back second run as not to clog up the field if I couldn’t get going on the restart. Third restart I lucked out with the jumbled field, rolled down pit road to roll off the restart 3rd on the bottom row so I had space to pull to the apron in case shit hit the fan, turns out I’d have started on the bottom regardless of being second or third 🤷‍♂️

    Good fun racing to the checkered, burnt off the tyres a little too much trying to make something work on Marvin who drove a really nice last stint keeping me at bay when I’d have my 5 lap spurts of energy forming an attack.

    Wasn't going to be able to hold up both lanes and therefore gave Brian the chance to stay ahead of Jake. Sorry Jake.:)

    Win or lose I never complain about a good battle and that’s what you set up between me and Brain 😁

    You almost found a gap to get up into the top lane on that restart off of turn four, I’d just started to roll out of the throttle and cover the brake getting onto the front stretch when it looked like you were going to try to get up in front but you must have thought better of it and as soon as I was sure you weren’t coming up I grabbed full throttle again to make sure I had a nose to your outside on entry down into turn one 😝

    I used you up a little on that last restart 😅 I knew I didn’t stand a chance unless I could at least get my right side tyres in the rubber of the top groove, didn’t leave you a lot to work with up there but there was just about a lane between myself and the marbles but being the (what I hoped to be) the final restart it was time to be selfish 🤑

    I really enjoyed the long green flag run there and a lot of guys showed maturity and respect when being passed, I appreciate that a lot. Bristol being how it is passing cars on long green flag runs can get pretty chaotic, saved some stuff for a late run charge and managed to run Carsten and Maik back down from a straightaway back but unfortunate timing saw me get stuck behind a car making an opportunistic move to gain a position or two as the other cars cleared a lane for me, in 3 or 4 laps the chance to battle for the lead under green flag was gone.

    Such a shame that the officiating bug screwed over most cars on the track, not to take away from my win, I’m still proud of it, but it’s never as much fun knowing the competition has been dwindled down in such a fashion.

    Thanks for the fun racing!

    I love short track season, been a fun couple of weeks off the bat and still Bristol to look forward to next week.

    Another good race with plenty of fun battles, messed myself up there about halfway through wheel hopping the car down into three and into the barrier but it’s all part of the fun 😅

    Big apologies to FrankvB for the last time around turn three. I got a little more push in the car than I’d anticipated for as I just rolled off the last few % of brakes which allowed the car to drift up a foot or so getting down into the corner enough to glance off your left rear, tried giving her one last tug to the left to get away from you but the right front was already at the edge of grip so if anything that last tug probably made the car push a little more. I didn’t feel anything in the wheel or get any green writing so at the time I thought you’d looped it yourself but checking the replay I saw it was my fault, sorry about that you drove a great race all night long.

    Congrats to Feempy on getting the W!

    PaniKK20 good job avoiding that! After I slid into Martin I had one eye looking forward to his car and one eye in the mirror watching you, trying to keep the slide going to a space on the track where there was enough room for you to pass on the inside and enough room on the outside for Martin to recover his slide, glad we managed to sort that one out with no further carnage 😬

    Again sorry Martin, as soon as I loaded the car on the brakes it broke loose and from that point I was trying to slow it down as much as I could without washing up the track too much but still ended up catching your door.

    After starting p28 I was hoping for cautions but my pace was surprisingly fast enough to contend for the top 5. Then got a few breaks on the restarts and got to p2. Just didn't have enough laps to try anything proper on gabi, but really happy to gain 26 spots in such a short race and be leading the championship (for however long that will last lol)

    Virtual Oval request the #28 car and crew chief to the inspection bay.

    @feepy No problem, racing at 200mph things get tight real quick.

    I initially got out the gas sharply when you first showed signs of moving down into the second lane but because of where it happened on the banking transition into turn three lifting out the throttle so quickly set the weight in a funny position in the car which unbalanced it a lot, to the point where I was putting in A LOT of steering movement but the car was still still able to hold its corner radius, after that I had two choices, brake harshly to get the weight properly over the front tires for them to grip up or my other choice (the one I went with) was to throttle back up to stick the weight back over the rear and drive through the “head shake”. Without having a good idea of what cars were doing behind me at this moment of time I deemed that the safest option as you'd moved back up the track a little bit.

    However this meant that when we finally made contact further in the turn, the car pitched forward and the right side tires were finally the ones to get loaded up and the car shot in that direction.

    It's all fun and games.

    See you out there 🙂

    (The forum bugged out and deleted the latter part of my post when I posted the reply so I retyped the last part of the message. Upon retyping the message my phone keyboard spazzed out with its autocorrect and word suggestions as if my original message was still there… however invisible at the same time🤔🤔)

    That was a blast, I love how these cars drive here, they get so free over the bumps in 3 and 4, super fun feeling to drive the car.

    Screwed myself over leaving the pits after doing right sides thinking the left sides wouldn't get done in time to stay on the lead lap, exited the pits and forgot to uncheck my right side tyres coming in the pits a lap later. One pair of right side tyres wasted and I went a lap down 🤦‍♂️

    A lot of fun racing right through the pack and as always with VO a really enjoyable clean race with a bit of everything.

    The perfect end of year blowout, thanks for having me and a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all 🎅

    Such an up and down night for me.

    Started off with a top 4 starting spot despite making a hash of my flyer 🤷‍♂️ soon to drop to the back of the field during green flag runs due to not understanding how to drive the car. A few words of advice under caution from Magic Arron Maspero to pull me out the shit had me back on the right rear exiting the corner and I was able to pick up the pace again to start driving forward.

    A few lucky situations/bold moves made short work of what was beginning to look like a long night and once I got into a position I was happy with I pretty much rode out the rest of the race to the checkered. Kind of wish I put some more pressure on FrankvB in that final run as once I got the 20 laps call I unleashed myself and found I had a bit more pace than what I thought I was feeling from the car but more than happy with a top5 considering how my evening started.

    Fun racing all night and once again, good win Carsten Theile

    You made this point in PM during the race. I agreed with you and apologised for my mistake. I'm not sure why you need to reiterate the point here. I'm sorry, I acted instinctively to try and save it. It was the wrong move. What more should I say?

    What a fun race, spent most of it ripping the top and killing my tyres in 30 laps. Probably about lap 170 or so I finally figured out what the advantage of rolling the bottom was and could begin to pull myself out of the hole I had put myself in. All in all happy with a top 6, got to have a lot of fun racing a lot of different cars. Great success.

    I'd like to echo the congratulations on a fantastic drive by yourself SepZone absolutely flawless. There was a moment where I thought I might have learned how to go fast by following you... And then you put new tyres on and blew my mind 8|

    Im disappointed to have got into Jeroen in the closing laps but for me there was a lot going on in that moment, I was pretty much driving through my left side window making sure I left Roland enough space on the bottom because there was a point where our doors got awfully close and just as my attention was drawn from my left window to my windscreen I noticed Jeroen car wasn't accelerating as it should have been and there wasn't a lot of time to fully understand and react to what was going on. I'm happy that we all still got to see the chequered flag though.

    After the test race I was dreading 180 laps so I decided to not qualify to help pace myself, feel the car out properly and push when I felt I needed to push rather than get involved with racing people from the drop of the green flag. It worked and it turned out to be an enjoyable race.