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  • Tiemen_Claus

    Yeah unfortunate to have to give up like that in the heat of the championship battle Daniel. :(

    My evening:
    I absolutely love this track, always been one of my favourites from the n2003 days. Unfortunately this week I didn't have much time (even this…
  • Tiemen_Claus

    Wow how did I deserve such luck :engel:

    1/3 into the race I almost spun on pitroad entry under green and lost en extra 2 to 3 seconds. Then when I cycled back in the pack the caution flew and I was just 1 position (2 to 3 seconds :dash: ) down from the lucky dog…
  • Tiemen_Claus

    I never go well on these 1.5 mile tracks. Haven't found the secret key yet that opens up great speed v/s tyre wear. Also the fact that the truck tried to kill me everytime in the 2nd half of the stint on corner exit from t4 didn't help. Couldn't find a…
  • Tiemen_Claus

    Well I don't know what got into me the first stint because I totally forgot to save fuel :pfeif:. Because of that I had to go out of sync and lost the pack. Rode around for 25 laps on my own and tried to focus on saving as much fuel and keep the claim for the…