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    Congrats Carsten, you drove a great race!

    I couldn't keep you behind me. I just wasn't very good from lap 10-40 in a run. After that I was stuck behind Roland.

    The wreck that happened not too long after that was really unfortunate. ? It was a great race up until then.

    Ever since nr2003 Dover has been my favorite track. So I'm really happy with a win here. And now they took one Dover date of the schedule next year :heul:.

    I was a little bit worried with that last 85 lap run, because based on practice I blew out a right rear after that many laps. So I was super saving that last run and managing the gap between me and Matthias and Gabi and luckily that was enough to finish the race without any problems.

    My race was pretty much over around lap 120. To me it seemed like Aaron lost a little bit of speed in the middle of turn 1-2. Then Carsten also had to slow down, I hit Carsten and almost spun him out. Who was behind me had a run and made it three wide with Thomas on my outside. And although it was eventually some ghost contact that hooked me I was pretty high on the track and I didn't leave a lot of room for Thomas there anyway.... So @Thomas sorry if you got a lot of damage from that incident.

    Before that I had a pretty decent race. I might've held up Ian a bit but after 60 laps I could drive away from him and catch Carsten from 3 seconds back. And then in the middle of lapping cars, suddenly we all drove the same laptimes and we were stuck...


    this is my face when you're spinning. I was enjoying the battle Adam vs Anema.

    I think I hit Jeroen in last turn, sorry

    No worries. At the last lap at Martinsville a little bit of contact can be expected.

    I think the racing up front was pretty good. I had a pretty good long run car, just not on the short run. But I was pretty upset when Daniel could pass me on the high line for the lead. And then that last lap...^^^ my face exactly

    Gabi put some great pressure on me in the beginning. It made me overdrive the entry in turn 1. Eventually he could get by me and a number of laps later I hit the wall in turn 4 and lost the connection to the lead.

    After the restart I started 8th and could drive to 2nd pretty quickly, but just couldn't clear Daniel. After 10 laps side by side, eventually a train started forming on the top and they all just drove by me. So slightly dissapointed with 'just' a top 5 finish.

    The racing was fun in general and grats Daniel with the win!

    I'm really happy with 4th, after I spun myself out in the infield section of the track. Marian was a rocket today, just way to fast for all of us. Gratz on the win!

    @Roland sorry for the contact near the end. I was trying to pass you on the inside and then I hit the inside curb a little bit, which tree me into you. Luckily you could save your car!

    Beim 2. mal musste ich nach einem Fehler beim Boxen ne Black Flag abarbeiten, bin dann in der 2. runden nach dem Restart auf die untere Linie gewechselt und hab mich auf dem weg in die Box gemacht. Allerdings kam das wohl etwas überraschend für den hinter mir. Ob ich da schuld war müssen die Richter klären allerdings entschuldige ich mich auch dafür.

    Yeah, I was behind you.. You came down one lane and stopped right in front of me. There was no way I could anticipate on that. Next time please get on or closer to the the apron. And at least say you have to pit so other drivers know what you want to do.

    As far as my race went I got involved in the big wreck on lap 50 or so. It took me 250 laps to get my damage fixed and somehow, after being three laps down, then three lucky dogs in the last part of the race I finished 6th... I still don't understand how that happened lol, but I take it.

    After the first yellow I got stuck on the high side behind the two drivers that stayed out on old tires. Made a three wide move to pass and hit the wall in the process. Next yellow I fixed the damage and from there on out I was playing catch up. It was so hard to pass in these cars, so lost a lot of time behind slower cars...

    Would have been nice to battle it out with the top 4 guys. Anyway nice job Kevin!

    It was such a great race... I stayed out on the first yellow with a number of others, thinking there would be another one. Then the top 6 or so got a 5 seconds lead (thanks Roland for working together and pushing me). Spend the last 80 laps to close the gap. Got to 2nd, 0.2.seconds behind Kevin. It was gonna be a great race until the finish and then everything went to sh*t....X(:heul:

    No problem. It was great racing with you, even you were faster. I could keep you behind most of the time just because I slowed you down in the slower parts. :D

    Yeah you did. It was annoying as hell LOL :D.

    You had great acceleration out of the slow turns with made it very difficult to get a run even when I had the better tires.

    But it was great racing.

    Gratz Carsten on your first victory!

    I'm really happy the championship was decided before this race. I like the place, but I'm just not very fast here. Happy with a top 10 and without the few small mistakes on my end it could have been a top 8 I think.

    @Thomas, sorry for hitting you in the rear in the final turn. I was 10 meters too late with my braking, locked up the front tires and slid in to you....

    Enjoy your summer everybody! And I guess I'll see some of you on the track in NIS.

    natürlich selber verkackt. war mir aber schon vorab klar mit diesem für mich unfahrbar tighten setup. im ersten der 3 greenstints hart in die wand gehämmert und mit 30sec damage durchgereicht worden.

    da ich nächste season eh 5 wochen verpasse werde ich den B wohl komplett skippen... viel zu tight sowas.

    I followed Gabi into the wall at the exact same place and time and had 15 seconds of damage...

    To make it interesting for myself I tried to do a one stopper as I thought in practice I could do 47/48 laps on a full tank of fuel. I don't know if the damage messed up my fuel mileage, but that turned out to be only 45 laps, so I came 4 laps short at the end.

    This was a terrible B class season for me. I'm not going to blame the setups, because we all have to use the same one, but I guess I just don't have the patience to run the first 10 laps waaay to slow, nose to tail, waiting until the tires start to go..

    And gratz Nigel with the championship!

    I messed up my qualy, so I started 20th. But I knew I had good long run pace, so an all green flag race was the best thing for me :).

    Daniel did scare me in the end (around 40 to go) a little bit when he spun in t4. But besides that, it was a pretty uneventful race.

    I'm really happy with the result though, my first win on a broadcasted race and my first win for Albrecht Motorsports. So now all I need to do is finish 37th or better at Michigan and then my result at Sonoma doesn't matter (thankfully ;)).

    It was a pretty good points day. Martin beat me out of the pits, the last time we pitted. On the last restart I fell back to third, passed Marian, tried to put some pressure on Martin and also keep Lisa behind me. Unfortunately the race was 2 laps too long for my tires :). It was fun racing with everybody and 3rd is still a pretty good finish!