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    Well that was disappointing... Ran out off fuel when I came in for the green flag pit stop and lost 5 seconds to Lisa. Then the caution came out, so I tried to catch up. But the moment I came near the #4 car who I think crashed in the outside wall and almost was stopped on the track, it was like he turned in on me. Not sure what that was all about, but I had to lock up my brakes to avoid him, spun in the infield grass, got a black flag for cutting the track, which I had to serve under green and lost a lap...

    Anyway gratz to Ian. At least the first 100 laps or so we're fun.


    That was ehm challenging... During practice I pretty much wrecked out of t4 everytime after 10 laps, when running that high line. So I figured I needed to try something else or I wouldn't survive the race.

    As long as I didn't overdrive the entry and kept it as straight as possible on exit I could get a pretty decent run out of the turns on that low line. It wasn't easy though. The top 7-ish was really competitive and on those longer run, the grip went away on the bottom as well.

    But yeah, great racing! Had some nice fights with Gabriel and Lisa at the end. Didn't expect to be able to win here, but I'll take it. :)


    Good win Gabriel!

    I've one tip... never buy a Fanatec shifter. I have one for a couple of months now and this is the 4th race I shifted from 3rd into 2nd gear and blew my engine. Never had that problem before with any other shifter.

    Also 1st gear and reverse are practically in the same position, so it's a 50/50 chance what gear it'll give you when you try to shift in 1st.

    And for some reason, when I go from 2nd to 3rd in low speed (during cautions) it goes either in reverse or neutral.. so in case anyone wondered why sometimes I lost a lot of speed under cautions, that's why...

    So another race ruined.. very frustrated right now.

    Congratulations Jeroen on the win.

    Never felt comfortable on the long run, just couldn't settle on a line that felt right. Tried running low like Jeroen and high like Marian but both were quicker over the run. Still, really happy to take 2nd on a track that isn't my best.

    Thanks! I guess it was a bit of a lucky win, because one gwc more (or less) and you would've won it.

    I really like the low line here. I just don't understand why everybody keeps running the high line. I guess it works for defending your position (the first 10 laps or so), but just can't be fast there. However everybody running there made it a lot easier for me to get back to the front, after my speeding penalty on pitroad, so I don't mind :).