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  • Badbeatbill

    That was a fun race! Sadly didn't have enough to get back to Adrian.
    Thanks to all for the fun season. I missed out on the first few races, but I am pretty happy with my performance.
  • Badbeatbill

    Sadly only 10 people.
    I was hoping I could keep up with Adrian, but nope :).
    Thankfully I still had Björn to race with. That was pretty close.
    I tried to cover his strategy by pitting one lap later. And I had a good last stint.

    Average lap time comparison…
  • Badbeatbill

    We need more people. But fun strategy race.

    To have p2, p3 and p4 finish that close together was fun.
    Jose E Costa running about 68 laps on a tank (or was it 69?). That was something else :).
    Jorge Varela with the extra pitstop, but enough pace to chase us…
  • Badbeatbill

    Looks like fun times in the sun.
  • Badbeatbill

    Good race. Even tho the track is pretty frustrating with the safe high line. I had a couple of side by side battles that lasted for a number of laps.

    A rare mistake from Adrian Baeza speeding in pitlane left some room for a different winner :).
    The first…
  • Badbeatbill

    Not a lot of participation, but no cautions was nice.
    I did Nurburgring endurance championship right before and got it in just in time to grid.
    So 2+ hours of driving that followed by an all green run at Darlington for 1,5 hours.
    I am glad I did NiS so was…