2023-05-17 Class C #9 North Wilkesboro Speedway

  • Doug Pickering

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  • Don't forget we need a replay file for the race after every round. The sooner we get it after the race the sooner we can get get through the review process and make the race official. Thanks to everyone that has helped so far this season. PM me in the forum chat with the replay file after the race if you can help.

  • Was ein S**t Race.

    Die ersten 100 Runden ein tolles Rennen, danach war Caution-Fest.

    L127 Wagen #10: 2Laps down, lässt den Teammate durch und fighted mit mir bis wir doch kolidieren, meiner Meinung kam er zu tief.

    L166 Wagen #4: Sorry Hermi aber wo soll ich da ausweichen???? Du bist auf's Gras gekommen. Ich habe 85% gebremst. Bring -> mir <- ein Bier dafür! :bier:

    L182 Wagen #134: Sorry Du Pro, aber kaum Luft lassen Inside und die Outside kaum ausnutzen, ja dann kommt es das wir uns berühren und min. einer der dumme ist.

    L198 war dann alles aus.

    Ich überlege echt langsam mit mehr Brechstange zu fahren. :krank:

    Christian Hippel #70

    freischaffender Fahrer bei GSE Racing eSport

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  • Well that was an intense race. My qualifying lap was decent and I took another pole. After the start, I let Linus and Alex by, because I didn't want to burn the tires early. It also paid off for me and during the long run, I was able to catch them and pass both. Shame that after this long stint, we never had another one. It was very fragmented. At the end, it is very hard to pass someone, who has a similar speed for shorter stints, so a third place was a maximum for me at the end. I'm very happy with that. I had some great battles during the race.

    Congratulations to the winner and let's go to the final race in two weeks and finish the season on a high note!