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    With regard to the decisions made by some of the lapped cars, I can only think of one good reason to run the bottom when the lead pack is behind you, and that's if you are undamaged and trying to get the lucky dog spot. Otherwise it is safer for all to just run the top. Perhaps some lessons have been learnt for the trucks next week?

    ich hoffe nicht, dass diese regelung in die vo kommt. das ist eines der grössten probleme von public races. der leader ist so krass im vorteil, wenn er zwischen dem abbiegen des pacecars und der green flag entscheiden darf... es gibt sogar tricks dass man kurz verlangsamt und das lupfen auf p2 ausnutzt um wegzuballern. so hat er einen massiven vorteil gegenüber dem rest des feldes. dieser kann auf diversen streckem bei einem GWC entscheidend sein.

    I agree with Gabriel, going on green is fairer for all. I only with that the leader had lane choice as starting on the inside could be a disadvantage at some tracks.

    I though the car felt pretty good on the new tires. In particular the entry felt great, I quite like having to turn right to go left. The centre off was on the tight side, especially on cold tires but you could still adjust the attitude of the car on the throttle to a degree. Overall, a step in the right direction, especially compared to the Xfinity car of old.

    That last restart was sketchy, sorry for the part I played in it. I nailed the restart but the car in front didn't go, so I had to back out a bit and take evasive action to the inside. No wanting to lose too many spots, I threw it in to turn 1 a bit enthusiastically and slid up in to Sven. Sorry about that, I should have been more cautious.

    Congratulations to Marius on the win. You did a great job on what I think were the oldest tires. Also congratulations to Johannes on Rookie of the year. And finally, thanks to all the VO admins who once again put on a very enjoyable season.

    See you all next season!

    Congratulations Gregor, good win.

    30 minutes didn't feel anywhere near enough practice time for me on this setup. Opted not to qualify, but ended up in the mid pack anyway. Took it easier and picked up a load of spots through the mistakes of others. Had a bad pit stop, too far right which lost me a few spots, but I was able to get them back. A few off track excursions as well, but overall I'm really pleased with the result.

    I did not get Wave Around yesterday. Has anyone had this experience?

    From the release notes:

    - - Wave-Around

    - - If enabled, during the Caution period, lap cars that stayed out during pit stops to receive the Wave-Around will be allowed to do so when the "1 to Go" signal is displayed. Lap cars pacing behind the leader will be shuffled to the back.

    Sounds like this is now configurable when the race is set up.

    Gute Morgen Freunde, gibt es noch einen free Spot für heute Abend?

    Ich habe endlich beschlossen um mich für diese League anzumelden, viele Jahren habe ich gesucht nach einem League mit mehr als 15 Teilnehmer. Mein Deutsch is nicht zo gut, please don't laugh :hilfe::auslach:

    I'll probably just write in English for the most time as this is costing me wayyy too much time :D

    Sorry no free spaces :aetsch:

    Well I must say that I was pretty mad when that last caution came out. I'd managed to build a comfortable lead over the previous run and led a lot of laps. That last caution had the potential to steal the win away. Took a gamble that enough people would stay out to give me a buffer between those who decided to pit. In the end I think it was Lisa who was the first car on new tires, restarting in 12th. I think that was just enough of a gap for me to make my escape :)

    Going in to the race I had marked this as one I needed to win. Lisa was only 12 points behind and with Talladega coming up that didn't seem like too much of lead. So I'm really happy with the result here and just hope that I can come through Talladega unscathed.

    Feempy Did you pit the lap after me? Surprised you ran out of fuel. That first run was fun. I had to focus really hard to keep you at bay.

    No cautions! Well done everyone. Oval racing is so much more enjoyable without all the pacing.

    I hadn't considered the two stop strategy as I didn't think there would be enough fuel, so I had committed to three stops from the start. I was surprised when Kevin stayed out so long, but it made sense that he had been saving fuel as I had not expected to put such a gap on him. It seemed to take forever to break the draft from Marian, but after the first stop I came out with a 2.5 second lead. I did wonder if my strategy was a mistake but I figured that Kevin would still have to save fuel, so I was confident that I could run him down in the last stint. That said, I didn't think I would catch him quite so early.

    Thanks all for the clean race.

    Lisa Nobis Thanks, it's fun to race with you too. The damage comes from cutting the dog leg, I guess it smashes the splitter. That's why early in the race I avoided doing it to see if it helped me later on. Unfortunately you loose so much time by not cutting the dog leg that you are forced to do it and suffer the damage.

    Gabriel I've never understood why VO doesn't use drop weeks instead of provisionals. Like you say, missing a week can really hurt your chance for the championship. Maybe someone can explain the reason for using provisionals?

    Well that was a bit of a nightmare from my perspective. Again, sorry to Jeroen for the pit lane incident. Also Bernd Schmidt I had a good look at the incident on the final lap. I think that I held it as tight to the car on my inside as I could. It looked like you just cut down a bit too much on exit and came across my nose. Shame as it had the making of a good finish.

    As for the rest, well it was mistake after mistake. Badly missed my pit box (which then made me be overly cautious later on which contributed to the incident with Jeroen), caught speeding and hit both the outside and inside walls under green. Safe to say I'm glad to see the back of Phoenix.

    Good win Lisa *looks over shoulder nervously

    Grats [user = '1815'] Ian Cornish [/ user]! One of your restarts right in front of me was pretty intense with a 4-wide entry into T1, but your aggression pays off most of the time Because You are just amazing behind the wheel :Top:I was not brave enough to follow you there: D

    Was that the restart after I had pitted and got caught a lap down? Yeah it was aggressive but I was behind all the lapped cars (because I got the lucky dog), I couldn't afford to let the leaders get too far ahead. It was risky and all I could do was try and hold my own line and not worry about what the others were doing too much.