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    16 Cautions, ihr hattet Spaß? :D

    Despite the cautions, I found this one fun. The lead 5 or so were pitting for tires at different times which made it interesting to see who would have the freshest tries come the end. Also to see who made it back through the pack in one piece ;-)

    It's just how Bristol goes most of the time. It's so hard to pass unless you are much quicker than the other car that wrecks are inevitable.

    Not a bad opening race, great to see such a large grid and 9 cautions isn't so bad considering. I thought the setup was really fun, you really had to drive it off the corners. I feel bad for Maik Steinicke pitting that time when everyone stayed out really looked to have cost you. You were showing really strong pace.

    On to Bristol and lots of carnage ;-)

    It's fair to say that I managed to pick up a fer "Darlington Stripes" in that one. Fortunately I didn't hit the wall hard enough to affect the handling of the car.

    I honestly thought that I wasn't in contention for the Class B title, so I'm really pleased to have won this one!

    I'd like to thank the admins and everyone else for letting me run in your league. It's something I look to every Wednesday night. Can't wait for next season!



    I really hope that iRacing move away from these super tight setups, this one was a joke. Upon initially applying throttle on corner exit, the car felt like it might turn a little . However, as you move up the track it has got great tight!

    I was definitely feeling the pressure from Daniel after the pit stop, I just could not get away. In the end, I think negotiating lapped traffic helped me a lot.

    Happy to take the win.

    [user = '1815'] Ian Cornish [/ user] Well done !!! Great job the whole season, you deserve it!

    Maybe you move up to the A Class next season, even when the car sucks :)

    Cheers Marc. I would like to help, but I'll help you with a truck league on a Sunday. It's been running for years and I feel a bit attached to it. Plus it's the only oval league we've got in the UK & I club nowadays. It's pretty sad but the constant arguing and bickering has pretty much killed the UK & I oval scene.

    Well done Mark on the win!

    I've really enjoyed the season, there has been some excellent racing throughout, the highlight for me being Charlotte and the close finish at Texas.

    Looking forward to next season!

    Another race another mistake, this time speeding in pit lane. Congratulations Marc on the win!

    I agree that the setups in the B car have been garbage all season. They are so tight that it does not promote good racing at all. It's just not fun.

    Iracing doesn't need to make super loose sets for these cars, just something that turns a bit better center off on throttle. It would make passing much easier and the races more enjoyable.

    Do we have to use iracing sets, or could a custom set be used instead?

    Thx !

    Nur durch einen erneuten Fehler von Ian konnte ich das Rennen einsam und gemütlich beenden.

    Bis Lap 60 war es ziemlich ausgeglichen zwischen uns und es wäre nur schwer gewesen an ihm vorbei zu kommen.

    Die Karre war wie immer Tight af , doch das is ja leider nix neues...

    Bei noch 4 Rennen wird es glaube schwer für Ian & Gabi , aber who knows what happend.

    After 25 laps or so my car was actually loose on exit, and it turned quite nicely center to exit. I did notice that we were running different lines though. I was arcing it a fair bit were as you took a much shallower line. My intention was to really back up the entry so that I could get off the corners hard to wear the rears more, it seemed to be working OK. Shame I ran out out of talent again as I think it would have been really close by the finish.

    Anyhow, good win. Maybe one day we will get to fight it out to the finish ;-)