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    A full field and green all the way, good job everyone!

    The first stint was essentially a game of how slow can I go without losing a position. Almost spun it under the first green flag stop, so took it easier for the second, which allowed Nigel and Arron to close the gap a fair bit. Then it was a matter of negotiating lapped traffic and saving enough tire to keep Nigel at bay, as Arron's pedals had broken by then.

    All in all a good race.

    Thank you! First win in VO! : yeah:

    I don't know what I did much differently than you, but I think the key was in T2. I had no major problems with understeering the whole race there and so it was easy to keep the front right alive.

    Yeah that win has been coming for a while, I think there will be a few more to come too.

    After completely choking in qually I left myself a lot to do staring 21st. Took my time and managed to get to the front cars by lap 26 ish. It's certainly a lot tougher in the mid pack. With everyone fighting for position, you really need to be aware of what is going on around you. I tried not to make any outrageous moves as there were a lot of people that I hadn't really raced around before and I wasn't sure how they would react. So I tried to set people up in one corner to pass them in the next, I was conscious about giving people room so hopefully I didn't squeeze anyone.

    Really happy with the win, at the start I though I would be lucky to come out alive :clown:

    NigeldeJ I think it would be a good idea to make a make a video of some of the incidents and how they can be avoided. I seem to remember that Doug did this for MTR in the early days and it was very useful.

    I think its great how VO has grown, even in the short period that I have been racing. This growth can largely be attributed to the excellent running of the league by the admin team. I've had a little bit of experience in helping run a league, and to be honest I don't know how you guys manage it :ka:

    I guess changing the race registration to an earlier time would make it fairer for those who cannot stay up late. However it doesn't solve the problem of what to do with those left on the waiting list.

    Some of my thoughts on the matter.

    Someone mentioned the idea of 'divisions' or 'splits'. I like the sound of this. Promotion could happen between, say, div 1 and 2 based upon standings at the end of the season. Top 10(?) from div 2 get promoted to div 1 and bottom 10(?) from div 1 get relegated to div 2. Anyone new to the league is required to start in div 2.

    A number of problems would exist though. As was mentioned, how are the initial divisions decided? By iracing official irating, VO's own irating system, previous VO results? Either way, it's likely to upset some. Also, additional races would significantly increase the workload on the admins, as they would have two races to review per series as opposed to one. It would however allow everyone to race.

    Charge an entry fee? Could be used to cover league costs/broadcasting/prizes/trophies. Probably not a popular option, but would likely trim the numbers somewhat.

    A nice clean race. It's good to see the number of cautions dropping while still maintaining a full field, good job to everyone involved.

    The start of the race was like a game of chess. Everyone seemed very aware of the need to save tires, and nobody wanted to push too hard. I pitted under green with a 1.5 second lead over Nigel, but unfortunately I caught some traffic at the worst moment and lost some time. I was concerned that Nigel would eventually close the gap, however I managed to save my tires much better in the last run to extend the lead.

    It was a shame that Maik and Roland pitted so early, as it took them out of contention and both showed good speed earlier in the run.

    Overall a good outing for Front Row Racing with a 1-2.

    Well I left Vegas a little disappointed. I managed to save my tires well on the first run. I'd pulled a 1.5 second gap until I had to take evasive action to avoid a lapped car, which I didn't entirely manage to do and took some damage. Probably pitted a bit bit early and then went too hard too early in the second run, which cost me some spots.

    In the third run I saved my tires well but the speed just wasn't there. Scraped the wall when I was behind Nigel as I couldn't quite see the entry, which gave me a nit more damage. From there Carsten and Nigel just pulled away and I had to fight hard to keep Daniel behind.

    Completely screwed up the last restart, pushed too hard on cold tires and got loose, which lost me a few spots. Overall, I felt like I had the pace for the win but pitting too early was a mistake, and the damage didn't help my cause. Still, a top 5 keeps me in the hunt.

    First 15 laps were fun last night and I felt that I saved well and was starting to pull a little gap to P2. I then had to park it and have some food

    For what it’s worth my rf was still 90% after the run

    Looking forward to tonight should be fun and you don’t have to run one line 👍🏼

    I'm about about 81% after 15 laps :-(

    was heisst komplett falsch rein? was ich public so sehe ist extrem aggressiv am entry. ich glaube der killer mit dem NTMv7 ist am exit. ich bin 40laps grün gefahren und hatte noch 35% vorne. der speed war aber immernoch ganz gut. ich war am aufholen. daher sehe ich das problem am exit. man kann die karre extrem würgen ohne speed zu verlieren. das killt den reifen mit ansage. achte also mal auf dein exit.

    solange der speed ok ist ist es mir egal ob ich 5, 20 oder 90% habe. ich muss aber, dass ich vor dem reifenplatzer ein wenig angst habe :D

    I think you are right about the tires being worn more on exit. At Chicagoland I felt that I was driving it in pretty deep, at least compared to how I would have done on the old tire, but it didn't seem to wear my right front too much. What does seem to hurt is being too aggressive with the gas off the corner and drifting up the track too soon. You need to be easier on the throttle and try and hold the bottom for longer.

    At Las Vegas I'm struggling though. I did a race last night and although I could keep with the leaders, after a 15 lap run, their tires were significantly better than mine. I tried running some different lines in practice, but these only seemed to make the rf wear worse. Will be interesting to see what happens tonight!

    It was a fun end to the race. I decided to sit behind Maik and then push it with 15 or so to go. It worked well as Maik seemed to have worn his tires a bit more and I was able to complete the pass on the second attempt. Then had to fend off Nigel, fortunately I don't think his tires were much better than mine and he wasn't able to get the run.

    Happy with a 1-2 team finish.

    Your right, the top guys who start at the back are aggressive, but not always recklessly so. They see opportunities and they take them, so you have to be mindful that if you give them even the slightest gap, they will stick their nose in there. Also, I think that starting at the back and carefully working your way through the field can help you conserve your tires, as you are not pushing as hard as those at the front. But you don't have to worry about those guys, they are so much better than the likes of us that you are best giving them room and letting them continue their charge to the front. Focus on being the best of the rest and pick your battles, there is a time to be aggressive and a time to let it go. Like Nigel said, it's better to finish mid pack than last! Lastly, forget about the A car, the aero package turns all the bigger track into super speedways, meaning that everyone is always on top of each other. I'd focus on xfinity and trucks.

    And you can get back to 5k, Maik Steinicke has managed to do it :-)

    since 2020s1 i have massive problems to finish races without getting caught in others messes. it doesnt matter what i do or what i try - i am in the wreck. best example was rockingham in xfinity cars. p2 and p3 battles, bump and slide into turn1. it looks they got both cars. p2 overcorrects and slams into the wall and kills p4 (me). i was lockng brakes but no chance. this is the summary of all my races so far... just loosing ir since the saison started... kind of frustrating...

    i need personal training sessions from you. otherwise i will never be able to regain my old irating :D. or i just screw it and go for the NiS 2nd or 3rd split. my experience with NiS topsplit are very bad. just wrecks and reckless driving.

    I think it's just the way it goes sometimes. Both wrecks last night were from people in front of me getting together. Sometimes you have time to react and avoid it, other times it doesn't matter what you do, you just end up getting caught in it. I was up around 5k IR but lost around 900 IR as my computer kept crashing. I found out that for some reason the pump on my CPU cooler was only running at 400rpm and so the CPU was overheating.

    I was so annoyed to have lost so much IR after having worked so hard to gain it that I stepped away from official racing for a while. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I have the appetite back now though, however sometimes it seems like one step forward two back. Now I'm just focusing on getting decent finishes and trying to race smarter, if people really want a spot, I just let them have it and catch them at the end of the run.

    Stick with mate, things will get better. Also racing in high SOF races is where you learn the most. Watch what the top guys do, how they save tires, how the defend and pass. This all helps to improve your race craft, which is more important than outright speed in my opinion. Also, I have a lot of streams, Casey Kirwan, Kollin Keister and Derek Justis stream regularly, and watching them really helps to understand where you can improve.

    did you rage [user = '1815'] Ian Cornish [/ user]? xD

    My fixed went well P6 in the end : P

    Well after getting getting caught up in others mess for the first two, I managed to win the third which had a decent SOF. Also gained a little IR in the fourth. Well done with the P6. If you keep finishing races without incident then watch that IR rise!