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    I used to really dislike Kansas. I remember running it in NIS a few years back. Nobody could pass so people got impatient and it ended up being a complete mess, probably the worst race I have participated in. The recent changes to the track parameters have actually made it enjoyable. The bottom is a viable option and you can make passes!

    Had a good battle with Arron in the first stint. Ended up having to run the high line to prevent him from passing.

    Got screwed over by the caution which put me back to 11th. Managed to back back near the front and then had an epic battle at the end with Carsten for the win. All in all a very fun race!

    You and Carsten are really mysterious to me. You are both pretty mediocre qualifiers, but damn fast in the race. Must have been countless times where I qualified way ahead of you only to then have you catch me at some point in the race and just drive away from me after you made the pass.

    I am not an outstanding qualifier either, but when I ran an A fixed race on the service, I found it pretty easy to run qualifying full throttle. Run the first lap high to gain as much speed as possible, then run the second lap low and be smooth on your inputs to scrub off as little speed as possible.

    I think that if you can maintain good discipline then starting further back can sometimes be an advantage. You will be running a slower pace than the leaders as you gradually move your way towards the front. My theory is that this helps to save your tyres, especially on tracks where you are hugging the bottom when passing.

    This said, I prefer to start upfront now that we have dirty air. Sitting close behind someone ends up killing the right front and then they sail away into the distance mid way through the run. The only time I've seen it different was the trucks at Atlanta (I think), where the set was so loose that it was beneficial to sit behind someone and wear the right front to help balance things out.

    In Sunday's race as soon as I saw Maik running the top I knew that if I kept to the bottom and avoided sliding the tyres at all then I would eventually catch him and get the chance to pass. After 12 laps I got alongside and was able to gain the position as he had warn his right rear enough that he was struggling for traction off the corner.

    I had no qualifying speed here. I'm looking at Daniel's stream now and he just goes flat out the entire qualy lap like its easy.... Like HOW??? Steini also told me the same thing yesterday. But no matter how much I tried there was no way I could go flat out through turns 3 and 4 and I still have no clue how you guys do it.... ? (

    Anyway race pace was much better. It was fun driving through the field at this newly updated Kansas. I was a bit surprised how 'easy' I could drive to Ian after the last pitstop. But I'm very happy with the win. And I guess I'm back in the championship race a little bit now.

    I was suprised too Jeroen. I did have a very minor brush with the wall and wondered if I had damage. Looked at the car after the race and I couldn't see any. I guess those lap newer tyres really made the difference?

    I'm glad the yellows came when they did. I had no idea what strategy I was running. Left that to my crew chief, but unfortunately he was preoccupied with a muffin and a cup of tea :clown:

    I felt for you on that restart near the end, Roland. I got pretty out of shape when the flag dropped too.

    That was a fun race with a really fun setup. I'd learnt enough from running some c-fixed that the bottom was the place to be to save tyres, so in the first stint I was content to hug the line and let others go. I dropped back to 9th, which is perhaps a little further back than I would have liked, but it paid off later in the run. Started pushing around lap 12 and eventually made it up to Carsten. Couldn't get to the lead though, tried running high to get a run but nothing worked. Figured that my best chance would be to pit earlier than Carsten so that I could get out ahead. Also filled it to 15.5g to help alleviate some of the looseness, which seem to help. Fairly uneventful from that point on, but I'd like to thank the lapped traffic for being observant and courteous.

    Sollte ein heißer Eiertanz werden am Mittwoch.

    Gestern mal ein Rennen im Service gefahren (Top Split, 3.2k SOF), 40 Runden komplett Grün, von Runde 0 bis Runde 40 nur am Gas streicheln und die Kiste kommt jeden Turn quer :doofguck: Setup ist also "gewöhnungsbedürftig". Das Multigroove Racing funktioniert aber anscheinend, ich bin das halbe Rennen die Linie ganz oben an der Mauer lang gefahren, andere eher mittig, die ganz schnellen vorne "normal" ganz innen (wo ich die Kiste kaum halten konnte).

    This week has been a blast in c-fixed. Given how loose the setup is, I was expecting the races to have lots of cautions through self spins, but it turned out to be the opposite. You really have to race the track as much as the other drivers and the high side is good for defending and getting runs on the car ahead. Looking forward to Wednesday!

    What should have been the best race of the season, turned into a complete disaster for me and many others....

    All I can say is that I'm very sorry :(. I was just following Ian through there and it snapped loose. And with everybody so close, there was no way I could save it....

    Don't feel too bad about it, mistakes happen. The car can become very loose and unpredictable when following someone. I noticed the difference between running in clean air and in traffic a lot last night.

    Not everybody uses textchat / voicechat.

    The pitting car is always responsible to safely get of the track without obstructing other cars, as stated in the rules.

    Perhaps it should be made a rule that you have to indicate that you are pitting in. It is a dangerous situation when you are on some ones bumper and they slow up to pit when you are not expecting it, even without them slamming on the brakes. It is also the case that races can be won and lost depending upon how good your pit entry is. Surprising how much time can be lost or gained during pit cycles. Surely everyone has the facility to map a button/key for 'Pitting in'?