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    Congratulations to Nigel on the Championship, very well deserved.

    Overall it was a very enjoyable and competitive season, with any number of drivers capable of winning on their day. Also, I really started to notice people adapting to the new tire model over the course of the season and learning how to better save their tires. Looking forward to next season, but also glad of the summer break :)

    Congratulations NigeldeJ on winning the championship, well deserved! Not having any hiccups is key in this league and unfortunately I had too many. Still it was nice to finish the season on a high with a win.

    Also it was a great debut season for Front Row Racing!

    I'll be back to fight again next season and add to my trophy collection :clown:

    Felt great to finally visit victory lane after 11 races without a win in Class B!

    The race itself was dull though. I honesty don't enjoy the way we have to drive in order to save tires. I seem to spend more time checking my relative to make sure that I'm not pulling away than I do racing. Nigel and I passed each other a couple of times but only at the start of a run when one of us got a run that was too good to give up. Otherwise it felt like a procession until the very end.

    Carsten Theile I felt really bad for you when you got disconnected. You had been there the whole race and had a great shot at taking the win!

    mrock60 Well said! Nobody should belittle the challenges or goals of others, one persons top 20 is another persons win. I guess that the ultimate goal for most is to win championships and races, but realistically most people are not going to achieve it. Either way there is still a challenge to be had, and a great challenge is self improvement! If you regularly finish 40th, set a goal to finish 35th then 30th and so on. I find that the satisfaction of seeing improvement and achieving your goals far outweighs the bad races that inevitably happen.

    Richmond is a tough track for me. Went in to it hoping for a top 5 and a clean race, finished 6th with no incident points so I'll take it and move on. My short run pace wasn't too bad, but over a run I think Arron, Nigel, Carsten and Gabriel were all quicker.

    Zum Rennen gibt's net viel zu sagen. War durchgehend zu langsam. Kam mit dem Setup so gar net klar. Wir fahren seit Wochen das selbe Setup. Vorne hart hinten weich. Spring Package wurde in den letzten Rennen GAR NICHT geändert! Damit verheizt man sich jederzeit den RF so extrem. Ich würde mich sofort dafür einsetzten und mithelfen dass die VO ein "eigenes Fixed" Setup erstellt und auf den Servern anbietet. Dann könnte man von diesen behinderten hingerotzten Setups endlich wegkommen. Das Setup muss auch net schnell sein, fahren ja eh alle das selbe. Es muss nur etwas ausgeglichener sein damit der RF net immer so in die binsen geht. Das wäre ein Verbesserungsvorschlag. Ich helfe beim Setup gerne mit. Hab dann gestern nachdems mich im BigOne zerissen hat, direkt nen Trainingsserver für Chicago gemacht. Selbe scheiße wie die letzten Wochen. Fühlt sich genauso an. Weil, danke iRacing für den Aufwand den Ihr betreibt, das selbe Setup gefahren wird!

    I support this idea. Have the setup available a week in advance of the race, that gives people plenty of time to practice with it. It could also be used for the Tuesday Offspring race, if people feel that they need some race practice as well. The set doesn't need to be fast or tight or loose, just neutral. A little rotation on and off throttle, but nothing too extreme. Hopefully that would work as a one-size-fits all.

    Karsten_Wegerhoff It's a shame you got caught up in that. I think you definitely would have been up there at the end.

    Disappointed not to have got the win tonight. I managed to get the lead back from Nigel late in the race, only to let him get a run on me in the next short run to take the lead back. Still, good win Nigel. Going to be tough to make up the points I think

    A full field and green all the way, good job everyone!

    The first stint was essentially a game of how slow can I go without losing a position. Almost spun it under the first green flag stop, so took it easier for the second, which allowed Nigel and Arron to close the gap a fair bit. Then it was a matter of negotiating lapped traffic and saving enough tire to keep Nigel at bay, as Arron's pedals had broken by then.

    All in all a good race.

    Thank you! First win in VO! : yeah:

    I don't know what I did much differently than you, but I think the key was in T2. I had no major problems with understeering the whole race there and so it was easy to keep the front right alive.

    Yeah that win has been coming for a while, I think there will be a few more to come too.