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    First track we have been back to since my FOV change and finally had a bit of speed and was actually quicker than Carsten Theile at the end of the run 8 8 |

    Got wrecked by backmarkers despite being down on the Apron to try and avoid there mess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing pace Sabastian you were in a different league

    It won’t last these things never do 😊

    Like others have said not done anything really since the end of last season so while a break was good it was better to be back racing. Love the track it’s different and a challenge but provided good racing!!

    First stint I think I saved the tyres a bit better than Nigel but when I closed up to him they just overheated in the dirty air the effect it has is just crazy..

    I tried pitting early for the second stint but came out in traffic so didn’t really gain any advantage which left me on the back foot for the rest of the race, had some good battles with Roland, Kelvin, Jake, & Jerome and was happy to finish 3rd.

    The competition in this series is bonkers now so looking forward to the next race.

    Why aren't you just running whatever FOV is mathematically correct?

    I am now but its a legacy thing from rFactor. I have had triples for a long time but back when I started rFactor(2006/7) I never new about calculating FOV and was winning lots of races and championships (Before kids) so never othered to learn and when I came over to iRacing I just replicated my rFactor stuff and never changed it.

    Feeling now that I want to get the most out of what I have so going with the correct FOV but its going to take me months to retain myself out of 15 years doing it wrong.

    Since Richmond I have been experimenting with different FOVs, despite having 32" triples I used to run 112 and basically sit on the dash. Now settled on 150 and it feels about right. I think in the long term it will be for the better but it has meant though I have been really struggling with pace, judging distances and to feel what the car is doing, I have wrecked more virtual race cars in the last few weeks than for years.

    The final run last night was the first time since the change that I have felt really comfortable and it showed not only in the lap times but also in tyre wear (15% RF in the first run and 39% on the last run). I still think its going to take another few months to get back to where I was but it was a good start.

    On to the race. it was all a bit of a rush I was part of an online round table (Shameless plug HERE) which went on longer than expected so I literally jumped in the sim rig 5 minutes before qualifying. Qualified 3rd but disappointed with the time, the car was capable of .9s for sure.

    Start of the race just tried to run around and keep out of the way as needed because of the above. got caught out in traffic and lost some positions and then killed the RF.

    Second run was much better and as PaniKK20 mentioned we got in a 5 way fight for the rest of the race to get in the top 5. Kelvin Mace undercut us all to get 4th and I managed to hold on for 5th.

    I have to say 200 green flag laps was an amazing achievement with that many cars especially with the tyres blowing.

    On to Charlotte and the end of a long season!!

    Had my Covid jab end of last week and it really knocked me for 6, no practice and my concentration was shot so just hoping to hang on.

    1t stint was OK, the RR burned a bit but not to bad. Bid sorry to [user = '1973'] Marvin A. [/ user] I clipped the apron when passing and we made contact. Ruined your race all on me: quiver: Really really sorry.

    In the second stint thought I might have something fot Markus but had a brain fart with about 95 to go and hit the wall hard taking about 3 tenths a lap out of the car. After that it was just trying to get to the end without loosing to many places !!

    Carsten Theile WD that was a masterclass

    welcome to iracings new tire model v7 combined with the odd setups of the biggest oval shitbox possible :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :wheel: :wheel: :wheel:

    the tire feels odd all the time. we have to baby the car around the track to manage the tires. when you race you loose. i raced in the first stint and paid the price before the green flag stopps

    So I am not generally a big hater of the V7 tyre model, overall it feels much more natural to me and I hated the flash heating of the tyre surface whenever you got a minimal amount of tyre slip on V6.

    The setups on the truck have provided much better racing though

    Tiger996 und ich wissen jetzt wie man den Leader kurz vor Ende noch ins schwitzen bringt :engel: :clown:

    To be fair Tino Reschke did a better job, I would give it 7/10 could do better :top:

    After Tuesday I was not overly optimistic and did something I never do and turned a few laps before the session started to try and adjust my line. This paid off and I never felt threatened during the race until the last 15 laps when i was getting flashbacks to Phoenix where I lost the win in traffic. Luckily I managed to get across the line and take the win.

    Thanks as always to the lap cars who made things as easy as possible for both of us.

    As you all know I love short tracks but last night was not the greatest because from the moment the flag dropped it was all about managing the tyres and never felt like you could push at any point of the race!!

    Felt good to be back on a proper track :haha:

    I took the decision before the race to run conservative early to save the RR as I knew that was the weakness on he long run. This meant I was open to attack in the first 20 laps of a run but could pull away latter. This is VO we have lots of green flag running ?(

    Worked the first half of the race but then Carsten Theile got a run and we had some contact that was a racing incident but shuffled me back to 4th. Got back to second on the next run after the 2nd and 3rd place cars got together.

    After Ian was out of the race I was talking to him on every restart about how the outside was getting such a good run on the restart and knew that the inside was really struggling with wheel spin & retsrofekaj was reporting the same in the other server so knew I had a shot on the outside and managed to get back in to the lead on the restart.

    After that it was managing the wheel spin on each restart and trying to not be on the other end of the same thing and cruising till the end.

    Thanks to all the lap cars who were very good about making space :top:

    In dem längeren Stint hatte ich am Ende Reifenwerte von RF 80 / RR 89,

    Grats Carsten!

    Auch wenn das Finish eher "fragwürdig" aussieht :uff:

    For reference mine were RF78 / RR 79

    And just racing, I love short tracks but you have to accept thats part of it, the last 10 laps were chaos in front of me I lost about a second when a car hit the wall out of two and almost took 3 or 4 others out.