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    It was a fun race. Maybe I could have challenged Ian for the win if it stayed green, but we'll never know.... BTW Ian, my RF was 1% worse than yours, my RR 2% better.

    But after the dismal last 3 races I should be really happy with 2nd. I tried to get a run on the high line the last lap, but overdrove t1 and had to get completely out of the throttle which ruined my momentum...

    And I really hope iracing will fix the multigroove racing, because the dirty air is really bad and with only 1 line you can be fast on its incredibly hard to pass....

    I had an up and down race. Missed my pitstall twice, because I entered pitroad twice behind Kevin, while he was one stall in front of me. So when he entered his stall, I had trouble seeing 'my guy'...

    Had a good starting position for the last restart, but David did not go at all starting in 3rd gear :ka:.

    And then in the last turn when everybody in front was wrecking, Gabriel bounced into me pushing me on to pitroad giving me a penalty......

    Crossed the line 5th, but because of the black flag I got scored 21st..... :heul:

    Not too smart that move in T3 from the outside which caused a major check up and a bit wreck but well, it's Daytona I guess.

    Yeah sorry about that. My spotter cleared me 1 or 2 seconds before that, but I thought it was a bit too close, so I was hoping Ian could push me a little bit more. But that same time the outside line stalled out and the inside was gaining momentum again. So that was the moment I had thought I had to make a move to not be stuck on the outside with a very hot Ian behind me who then couldn't push anymore. As soon as I realized Marvin was going forward again and I was too late I went back up, but I guess at that time Marvin already lifted a little bit. From my mirror it didn't look like Marvin slowed down that much, but on the replay I could see the check up...

    Well in case of the very unlikely event all 40 drivers do show up next week. I still need to finish 33rd or better to get the championship. So I'm not celebrating yet, but I do admit I'm feeling pretty confident going into next week. ;-).

    Based on how the race started I expected a pretty intense battle between Keven and I. Unfortunately he overdrove turn 1 50 laps in to the first run. I don't hope I scared you that caused this. I got a pretty good run out of t4 and made a move to your inside, but aborted the overtake in the middle of the frontstretch, because I was sliding my tires all the way to start/finish and didn't want to take any risks.

    Also Carsten was pushing me pretty hard on the restarts, but I knew if I took care of my rear tires I should be fine and that worked out pretty well. The last caution made things a little bit more interesting then I hoped for, but I'm really happy (after last weeks disaster) I got the win here. Definitely takes the pressure off.

    What happend Jeroen?

    Speeding on pitroad......40 second hold...:heul:

    I told myself before the race to be conservative and just make no mistakes, so I guess I should've taken 2nd place and have a comfortable championship lead.

    Instead I realized I could win the race so I went for it. The first pit stop I stayed out quite a bit longer than Kevin, because I was waiting till you and Thomas were pitting, so I wouldn't be caught a lap down in case of an unlucky yellow flag. I came back on the track I think 10 seconds behind Kevin. Closed that gap to less then 1 second before the next round of pitstops. So this time I didn't want to pit that long after Kevin came in again. And in trying to not give Kevin too much of a lead after the pitstops I was pretty aggressive getting in.

    And that bit me in the ass........ Pretty hard....

    Congrats Carsten, you drove a great race!

    I couldn't keep you behind me. I just wasn't very good from lap 10-40 in a run. After that I was stuck behind Roland.

    The wreck that happened not too long after that was really unfortunate. 🙁 It was a great race up until then.

    Ever since nr2003 Dover has been my favorite track. So I'm really happy with a win here. And now they took one Dover date of the schedule next year :heul:.

    I was a little bit worried with that last 85 lap run, because based on practice I blew out a right rear after that many laps. So I was super saving that last run and managing the gap between me and Matthias and Gabi and luckily that was enough to finish the race without any problems.

    My race was pretty much over around lap 120. To me it seemed like Aaron lost a little bit of speed in the middle of turn 1-2. Then Carsten also had to slow down, I hit Carsten and almost spun him out. Who was behind me had a run and made it three wide with Thomas on my outside. And although it was eventually some ghost contact that hooked me I was pretty high on the track and I didn't leave a lot of room for Thomas there anyway.... So @Thomas sorry if you got a lot of damage from that incident.

    Before that I had a pretty decent race. I might've held up Ian a bit but after 60 laps I could drive away from him and catch Carsten from 3 seconds back. And then in the middle of lapping cars, suddenly we all drove the same laptimes and we were stuck...


    this is my face when you're spinning. I was enjoying the battle Adam vs Anema.

    I think I hit Jeroen in last turn, sorry

    No worries. At the last lap at Martinsville a little bit of contact can be expected.

    I think the racing up front was pretty good. I had a pretty good long run car, just not on the short run. But I was pretty upset when Daniel could pass me on the high line for the lead. And then that last lap...^^^ my face exactly

    Gabi put some great pressure on me in the beginning. It made me overdrive the entry in turn 1. Eventually he could get by me and a number of laps later I hit the wall in turn 4 and lost the connection to the lead.

    After the restart I started 8th and could drive to 2nd pretty quickly, but just couldn't clear Daniel. After 10 laps side by side, eventually a train started forming on the top and they all just drove by me. So slightly dissapointed with 'just' a top 5 finish.

    The racing was fun in general and grats Daniel with the win!

    I'm really happy with 4th, after I spun myself out in the infield section of the track. Marian was a rocket today, just way to fast for all of us. Gratz on the win!

    @Roland sorry for the contact near the end. I was trying to pass you on the inside and then I hit the inside curb a little bit, which tree me into you. Luckily you could save your car!