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    I must say I think Kansas has become one of the most fun tracks now. It's pretty fun with all the lines you can run.

    The race didn't go very well though. With every caution, I got more and more into trouble...

    After the first caution I realized too late it had become a fuel milage race.

    The second caution came out right after I made my pitstops, which took another tire set away.

    When the third caution came I had no tires left, so I had to stay out with 30 laps older tires

    And after the fourth and final caution I got so tight I couldn't do anything anymore and fell all the way back to 10th...

    Anyway pretty cool to see Sven get his first pro win. I guess for him everything fell into place today :top:

    I obviously need to find my rithm again. In the 4th lap of the race I ran into the wall at the end of the frontstraight, which is a pretty dumb place to hit the wall. After that the car got really snappy loose in traffic and almost lost it a few times during the race.

    With some pitstrategy still got 5th in the end.

    Apologies to Gabi. Snapped loose, tried to save it, but the car was 'still on ice' and snapped to the other side. Had to lock the tires up to straighten it out and not go head on into the outside wall.

    I was hoping the racing would be a bit better than at Vegas and Cali, but unfortunately we still had the train on the outside. If only we could get some more separationthe racing would be a lot more fun....

    Also the contact earlier in the race when Kelvin lost it gave me a slight push on exit, which didn't help.

    Whether it's deliberate or not; driving so slow and nobody else having the balls to even attempt a pass for the lead is a bit frustrating to watch. Hope once we get to the big tracks it'll be a. It better

    It is. With how the rules are it is really easy for the leader to stack up the whole field. Carsten was pretty slow on entry and middle, but set everything up to have a fast exit. If this was 'real' nascar Carsten would have been bumped out of the way by lap 20. But besides the fact that that is probably protestable, with how unpredictable these cars react to contact its not worth it in the first half of the race.

    Sending it on entry/divebombing is also not allowed so you're in a pretty tight box.

    And if I tried something on the outside Carsten would let the car drift up high and killing every possibility there.

    Whether it is dirty or smart I don't know, but I guess it is all within the rules. And I have noticed in multiple races that Carsten has almost perfected this way of defending ;)

    In the first stint I convinced my teammates to go to the outside so we could make up some spots before the competition yellow (and I got bored). Literally one lap later the big one happened.... :rolleyes: and I everybody except me and maybe 4 other drivers were involved in it.

    So with 80% of the field eliminated the chances of a victory increased significantly and with some great help from Brian I could get my revenge from last year.

    Ian Cornish when I was pushing you around half way in the race, when we were running the high line, were you also only in 4th gear then or did you have damage? I felt like I had quite a bit more speed and I was running hot. So I either had to lift a lot and stack up everybody behind me or pass you, while I didn't want to abandon you.

    Weird thing is that the run before when we were running the inside I had a hard time getting to your bumper.

    Though, I don't remember any changes to the draft for the B and C cars.

    me neither, so there might also be a small chance I'm seeing things that aren't there. :engel:

    But I'm pretty sure I've experienced things in the race and practice that weren't possible last year with this car.....

    Like with our incident you describe it as I slowed down as I can assure you I was full throttle the entire time. Based on what I saw in the replay you were also off the throttle trying not to run in to me. But I think based on how we were not lined up properly we still hit each other.

    I don't think the car/aero model worked exactly like this last year.

    And one final example, last year when you had two lines side by side, the inside pulled in front in the turns and the outside would get back on the straight. Now it looked more like the outside line could stall the inside line out more in the turn, creating an equal speed through the turns. And then off the turns the outside would have a run, but half way on the straight the inside would catch up again.

    Feempy Have they implemented that draft model for the B car yet? If they have, then I didn't notice it like you do in the A car.

    It feels definitely different to me from last year. It feels a bit more dynamic. There seems to be some real side draft. But it seems to be a (much) weaker version than the A car. Which I guess makes sense with the smaller spoilers.

    In practice I ran with two other cars 3 wide without help and we could pull each other back when 1 car got a nose in front. Also if you run with 2 cars nose to tail there seems to be a small bubble. And in the draft there seems to be a little bit more momentum buildup.

    One thing I would say though. If you are leading the outside lane, try and keep tighter to the inside lane. Running high makes it hard to follow and opens the middle up to opportunists. Not so much a problem in the early phases of a race, when people are happy to ride. But later on, people are gonna put you three wide.

    To reply to both you and Niel, I understand what you are saying, but I'm not sure if I agree. The way I understand how this sidedraft works you want to be tight when you are behind so you can pull the inside line back, but a bit higher when you are in front or have the momentum so you don't get pulled back.

    Now this is mostly based on what I've read on how the draft in the A car works (or should work), but it seems to have some similarities. The only thing I noticed near the end is that the middle line seems less of a 'sucker hole' then maybe it should be.

    I'm not saying I figured it out completely, but at least this is why I was trying stuff earlier in the race and it did seem to work, creating great runs on the outside. So I can't blame Daniel for trying the same.

    Apologies to Jake and everyone else involved in that last wreck. I was so busy getting lined up right behind Daniel and pushing him, that I noticed Jake creeping up I the middle there just a fraction too late... :(.

    As far as the race I don't know how long the car has this draft model, but it's a blast. I thought we'd still have the old 'side draft is faster' model.

    Near the end I tried pushing Daniel as much as I could, but I had to lift a few times to be sure I wouldn't push him in the wrong spot and wrecking us both. Also I think the 3rd car in line couldn't keep up as much as we needed to generate the energy to get passed Ian. But definitely a very enjoyable race!

    Sorry Jeroen,

    haven't looked at it in detail but I think that was my fault...

    I hate those late yellows and restarts...

    seems you got loose and wiggled up the track a bit into my right rear...

    Good thing the championship was pretty much decided before this race :D. But the end of this race feel a bit anticlimactic. I guess I finished the season the same I started it ;-).

    The race was pretty meh.. It was either waiting in line to pass somebody on the outside, or getting freightrained by the outside if I tried to make a pass myself. So tried something different with the pitstrategy hoping the field would string out a bit, making passing easier. But I guess the top 4 was pretty content with how things were by pitting together, so in the end without the late caution and the wreck I'd still have finished 7th.

    I guess I found a key combo that shuts down my PC, because this is the second time it happened when I wanted to type something (and no, it's not alt f4 ;-))

    Anyway, quali was bad, race was good. I could even get in the lead near the end, but got screwed over by a lapped car, which gave Carsten a great run. I tried to keep my nose on the outside, but didn't want to risk it running into the wall. With the current points situation that wouldn't be worth it.

    So iRacing now simulates oil on the track?

    After the last round of green flag pitstops I first got snappy loose in t3/4. Then Carsten who is a bit further back gets loose at the same place and wrecks it. And then after the restart, Steini gets loose as well at the same spot..... ?( Just a very weird turn of events...

    The rest of the race went pretty well. The last restart made it interesting on 1 lap older tires (and sliding the tires to save my loose car). But the dirty air was just enough to keep everybody behind me.

    Fun race! I got a surprising pole for the first time this season. And based on this race I think I solved my wheel issues, so it felt good again to use my DD wheel, instead of my g27 I used last week at Phoenix (btw proof that a fancy wheel doesn't make you faster, it just feels better).

    The only thing that got me slightly worried, was that right at the moment I wanted to reply to a pm, my PC shut itself down. Probably an update of something ?( but I'm happy it didn't do that 10 minutes earlier....

    @Marian I think your pace was pretty fast as well. You had me a little worried during the first stint as I wasn't sure how the run would develop and if I took care of my tires enough. But it looked in the last 15-20 minutes of a run you lost a little pace.

    Yves as soon as Kelvin let me by it was only fair to pass all three of you. Also it's up to you if you want to race me hard, but running side by side for two laps are two laps you can't fight those for position and probably hurt your tires for no good reason. So I think you would've been better of just to let me go.