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    Get rammed in the ass from super far back, so hard that it makes me wonder if the guy even braked for the corner at all. He obviously didn't see the wreck. Rear end destroyed, no top speed and no turn in... It's the same shit every time you get back in the rear of the field, and it's the same people. Add that to the worst setup I've ever driven at Martinsville and this is probably the final nail in the coffin for me. Terrible tire model and no passes possible, I'm done.

    Subscription runs out in december, don't know if I'm gonna finish out the season yet. GW to Arron, it's gonna be a tight championship going into the last 3 weeks.

    Had short run pace but messed up qualifying, got to P2 rather quickly but nothing I could do to pass Ian. Couldn't quite figure out the long run pace no matter if I was shifting or not, running different lines but it didn't matter. Wrist was already hurting before, got really bad throughout so missed a bunch of upshifts as well.

    All in all happy to finish P2 at such a wildcard track, shame Ian had to be the one to win it and walk away even further with the points lead :D Solid 1-2 finish for the team so a very succesful outing at Martinsville!

    I was really close on fuel, but the reason I pitted at the end is that my damage made the car wrecking loose and undrivable. Kinda surprised half the field went in afterwards :clown: There was no way I was gonna be able to hold everyone off, so pitting would be the safer move.

    Had ok long run pace but nothing to challenge Ian and Arron, then got stuck in traffic and couldn't close the distance. Got sideswiped by someone not holding the brakes, yay...

    P6 was probably the best I could do with the car I had so I'll take it.

    Uneventful race, nobody seemed to be able (or wanted) to push on the outside except for the last lap so all I could do is sit there and ride lol. 2 excellent stops with Ian saw us lead the pack for pretty much the entire race, solid 1-3 finish. Shame nobody wanted to play with Arron and go 3-wide :D

    Wieso geht das in der Pro alles so fix und in der normalen C wartet man fast 2 Wochen auf ein Ergebnis ???

    Bristol penalties for the Pro Series Class B from almost 2 weeks ago came after the Class C Pro penalties from last wednesday's race at Talladega. Sometimes it just takes longer as there's a lot to look at from the race. The admins don't get paid to do this so a little patience please :)

    Wow, interesting. It doesn't seem right and probably will get patched out in the future. But good to know until then ;)

    Thanks for the info :top:

    Well the physics work, in that way that higher tire pressures will raise the car, and lower weight on the rear will raise it as well. I just don't think the effect should be that dramatic between the first lap and the second. But I'm not a rocket scientist so maybe it's actually super realistic that the car is the fastest on the first lap :D

    Regarding that: How did you do get this time on your first lap? I was stunned and left wondering yesterday, please enlighten me :doofguck:

    Apparently with iRacing's tire and aero model, once the pressure in the tires build up, the rear end of the car gets raised up in the air. Also fuel burning off makes the rear lighter and therefore higher in the air. Normally (up to about 2 months or so ago) the 2nd lap was always fastest, but I got beat really bad a few weeks ago at superspeedway qualifying and I wondered how that came (I hardly ever get beat straight up in qualifying at Dega and Daytona lol). So now you know :D It's pretty weird but with iRacing you just never know. For all we know the next patch it might be faster again doing the 2nd lap :clown:

    Not to show off, but I actually misshifted and hit the rev limiter on my outlap, so there's at least .03 or so more in it hehe

    Edit: the rear of the car needs to be as low as possible for speed, in case that wasn't already clear haha

    We could have had the same "problem" you were speaking in your first post, the chance of the second line working together while we are on the third lane and "dying" out there. We knew you and Nigel are sure to try something and we were waiting and preparing for it. Probably silly, probably risky, hindsight is always easier then foresight. It could have worked, it didn't this time :#

    By moving up with no momentum, and blocking a run of others, you effectively stall both lanes out and cause major issues. Somehow I ended up in front of all you guys that went high to block and there was 3- and 4-wide everywhere for no reason. If it wasn't for you getting in the wall, me and Ian would've pushed right up to Marius and cleared all 3 of you that were stuck on the outside. That's why I (and a lot of other people judging from this thread) feel like it's such a pointless move.

    Hopefully it'll be a lesson learned so it doesn't happen again in the B car next week.

    As far as my race went: stuck it on pole, led a bunch of laps and saved a lot of fuel in the 2nd and 3rd runs to set myself up for at least 2 potential overtimes. With 20 to go however me and Ian tried to make a move, which obviously resulted in the carnage described earlier. Then I just had to fend for myself and go for the gaps, worked out pretty well I'd say :wheel:

    Got wrecked by Marvin hitting the wall, and for some stupid reason had required repairs that I had to take under green... After that I didn't take new tires but still passing a lot of the lead lap cars so the pace was quite alright I guess. Just sucks but hey it's bristol

    Crappy call on the last caution, figured more people would pit but they didn't. Got over-aggresive on the restart and didn't expect Marius to check up that hard on corner exit. I'll take the blame on that one. Again I'm sorry.

    Got a snarky pm afterwards that I think was a bit uncalled for :top:

    Then I probably know what the problem is lol. I think at that time, the ford wasn't available yet on iracing. Therefore the setup isn't in my setup folder. I saw these replies and was like ''Am I blind??!?!?!?'' :clown: Thanks for the file PaniKK20

    Edit: it is in the setup list for the chevrolet, so we're all good! I've saved that as a custom setup and pasted it in the ford folder. It's identical to the one Markus shared. Thanks for the help guys haha

    Ich weiß echt nicht was ich noch tun soll... Ich hab ihn da einfach nicht stehen sehen...

    Ich glaub ich sollte wirklich aufhören. Noch höher kann das Frust Level nicht mehr steigen

    I think what you should be looking at is your pace this race, you were really fast. Got unlucky with the wreck, but the takeaway should be that you were easily top 5. Stick with it, and the results will come! Keep your head up :knuddel:

    Messed up qualifying, gambled on right side tires on the first caution and gained a lot of spots. Figured I'd have something for Kevin but he just had crazy fast pace. Made a mistake that cost me like 3-4 seconds after the pitstop and then got past Maik cause he hit the wall (I think?) Couldn't get a run on Carsten so settled for P3. Pretty happy having survived that after starting P27. Onto the lady in black in 2 weeks! :#

    Almost spun coming to the first q lap, and then hit the wall hard on the first one. Stopped it twice and that disqualified me ?(

    After that I tried to save tires as best I could, while still making some moves. It would seem the weird line I ran was working really well. Got a lucky break with the caution coming out after people took their pitstoos, so restarted in p5 or so.

    Unfortunately came together with Carsten Theile , I ran my low line and at the time I gassed it up to get out of the corner, he seemed to turn down to the apex and lost 2mph. That was all it took for us to get together and end his race ;(

    Then off to the front and make the moves and stay there. Running the middle to low exit really paid off as I managed to get by Ian. Hard battle at the end but a nice 1-2 for the team! Really happy with the pace, just a bummer I got together with Carsten