2023-11-15 Class B #8 New Hampshire Motor Speedway

  • Dear Daniel,

    I don't know what your desire is. It looks like you just want to produce trouble. Something we don't want. We want to have a friendly athmosphere for our racing here. I think because of that an overcommitted race stewart moved your post.

    I will bring your post back.

    And my clear answer to your post will be there aswell.

  • So, your post is back. A post that just wants to get some trouble started. Or whatever, I don't care.

    If your only goal is to damage our league, then it would be best if you just leave us. We don't need that here. And we don't force you to be here.

    Posting negativity about us on Twitter (for whatever reason) is something a small boy would do, not a grownup.

    So I have to think you don't want to be here any longer. Which is okay for me. Just send a ticket and I will do the rest.


    We organize this league in our free time with our own money (and some donations :top: ).

    We just want to have fun with you guys racing on oval circuits, which we have done for more than 20 years.

    I don't care if I race an Iberian, a German, or a (insert your country here) driver. And I don't care when I have to assign penalties. Currently we have drivers from 20 (!) Nations here .

    At the moment, our stewards are from Germany, the Netherlands, and Wales. And we always try to get more stewards, even from other nations.

    But it looks like unpaid work is not so cool. ;)

    We even tried to find someone who wanted to translate our rules into Spanish, but sadly, we couldn't find anyone.

    So why should we be against Iberian drivers? I don't get it. Everyone is welcome here. Just accept our rules!


    There is always the possibility that you don't like what the stewards have decided. Even I do that sometime. You can protest it, and more stewards have a look at it. Sometimes the penalty changes, sometimes not :#. More people can have different opinions! Because of that, the appeal from Guillermo was successful!

    But there is a point where you have to accept the decision, even if you don't like it. If you can't accept that, just please leave us.

    I will not talk about the decisions that were made by the stewards (which I fully support).

    This is not a discussion, it's a (personal) statement.

  • Dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen!