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    Gratz Daniel! You were definitely faster on the shorter runs. I think on those two long runs we had I could close the gap, but with the cautions we had at the end there wasn't much I could do, besides send it on the high line and catch a caution at the right time : D.

    Unfortunately when I could start in first position a few times near the end I didn't have the confidence to carry more speed in turn 1, so you had your first position back in no time ;)

    About that incident with Andreas and Kevin, Andreas you first move up out of the turn and then you get back down again and based on the replay you also went out of the gas, because you hardly accelerate. Based on your behaviour out of the turn I was already committed to passing you low and the you come back down again. From that moment I can't go anyway anymore. I did get fully out of the throttle to avoid you, but like I said you hardly accelated out of the turn, so I had nowhere to go.

    I hate it for Kevin, because we really had a good fight and you could use some good luck again....

    And then in the end I tree it away with a speeding penalty. As soon as I looked up and saw 42 mph I knew I was in trouble. The restart thereafter that wreck happened and that was a great race town out of the window....

    uff was nen rennen. erstmal gratz Arron...

    aber sry, die erste Caution kann ich ja iwie kaum nehmen.
    Jeroen geht auf der gegengerade ncoh vor dem eigentlichen turn auf den Apron, bleibt da und is auch langsamer als der rest... ich dachte er geht in die Pit, aber als ich dann auf gleicher höhe war zieht er schlagartig vom Apron wieder hoch aufm track auf die erste linie, wo ich bin....
    ich hab absolut keine Ahnung was das sollte

    I got a little loose on the exit of t2, but when I hit the brakes entering t3, the car jumped to the left. I knew Kevin was somewhere on my outside. So I slowed down not to hit him, but I had to get back on the track at some point (because I didn't want to pit) and I expected a little more room. But if you thought I would pit, then I understand your point of view.

    So sorry for the contact, even tough it wasn't a very big hit, but enough to spin you around :(.

    Overall my race was a big struggle (again in this car). It felt like I was racing with a very, very bad spring package. It's like the car was tipping over from side to side... I know we all have to deal with it, so defenately no excuse, but compared to last season I just lost the feeling with this car.

    Was a good (and slightly boring) race. I was surprised how much in front of the pack Thomas and I got, after that last pitstop. That gave both of us really good trackposition for the final couple of laps.

    And then I thought we were on the last lap, when there were still two laps to go, so I made my move a lap to early :rolleyes:. Don't know if it made a difference in the final outcome of the race, but it felt pretty dumb at the time.

    The first 90% of the race was really good. I liked the long green runs. For some reason I was good the first 10 laps, then the next 30 or so I was losing speed to everyone in the top 5 and after 40 laps I was faster again and almost could pass Kevin for the lead during the first long green run. I also decreased the BB during the first stint, but that caused my car to slide on turn entry too much. So after I set that back, it was better the second green run.

    I really wished I would stay green till the end because after that..... I spun the tires on the restart, so fell back to 4th. Got wrecked by Daniel in turn 3, but somehow everybody saved their car. And I think after that we only raced for 4 laps between all the g-w-c's and somehow drove from 11th back to 5th. So I'm not sure if I should be relieved or really angry or dissapointed based on what could have been..

    BLEGH is the word I would use to describe my race. I couldn't find the right line into turn 1 and 3 with this tightest setup I have ever driven, which didn't help my tire wear. And when the yellow flag fell, right after pitstops I had to start in the back, couldn't avoid a wreck in front and that was my race...

    Anyway good to have some long green runs!

    And gratz to Nigel for the win.

    i am not sure if everyone else was starting in 1st gear. for me it was suidice as i tried it. no chance to start in 1st. is it possible that this is the iracing soundbug? where you can hear cars next to you downshift because they are below a certain speed? i dont think that daniel went to the 1st one on one single restart.

    i didn't and i cant remember somebody else did it.

    I'm not sure if it was a soundbug (it might, I'm not aware of all the iRacing bugs ;)). Anyway what I heard, during the restart before when I was side by side with Daniel, was an interuption and a drop in RPM's, while I was somewhere between 2nd and 3rd gear. So that what I based my assumption on.

    Btw I do believe that this new tire model allows you to start in 1st gear more often than the old model did. In the end it comes down to trottle control. If you go full trottle in 2nd, you'll spin yourself out as well. And I think that near the end of a race, you'll be always on the edge of traction vs. spinning your tires to get the best launch possible, no matter what gear you are in.

    Anyway enough about this incident now. The race as a whole was as I expected I guess, after the Texas s*** show. The most interesting stat I found was that roughly the average inc. points per driver was around 40, which would have DQ'd you almost twice in NIS. So if we would've NIS rules here, we would have finished with no more than 10 cars I think.

    It's good to have a week off after these two races.

    Happy Easter y'all.

    The reason I wanted to start in 1st gear, is that I heard you start in 1st the restart before and you got a pretty good jump on me. So I did what I thought I had to do to keep the lead and get a better restart, then the one before.

    Also I was driving 39 mph behind the pacecar, I was doing 36 mph at the moment the green flag fell. That's only a 3 mph difference and cannot be 'the' reason for all the mayhem. What also didn't help is that the green came out pretty late (in restarts before it came out on the exit on 4, this one came out when we were between t4 and s/f) so there seemed to be a lot of anticipating the restart by a number of drivers. Also based on your car behaviour (the acceleration and deaccelartion) I'd say you tried to jump the start at least three times during that restart between t4 and s/f. That's fine with me, you did what you thought what you had to do to win, I did what I thought I had to do, by starting in 1st gear. And I could get away without spinning, starting from the same mph as you, so why couldn't you? Don't blame me for your mistake.

    Also as you said in your post, the same happened to you last week, which cost me a chance at the win at Texas. I find it pretty hypocritical that you ask for actions from the admins now, while the same happened to you last week. So yeah, I also wonder how the admins would look at this, as it would be pretty inconsisted to start penalizing now, while they didn't last week.

    And about the loss of speed, when I did shift back in 1st gear I did indeed lose a few mph's. From that moment on I decided to keep a consistent speed and not speed up again, because I didn't want to be accused of jumping the restart as you can have an advantage as the leader when you speed up a bit right before the green flag comes out. Also I was focussed on when that green flag would came out and less on the mph's I was running, so all I could do from there was to keep a consistent pace based on the RPM's I was running as it seemed to most fair thing to do in that situation. In hindsight I should have shifted to 1st gear sooner, when we were still behind the pacecar, so I could get a better read on what RPM's matched the pacecar speed.

    Sorry if I come across a bit salty and I understand I didn't create the most optimal circumstance for a restart. But I don't like to be blamed for someone elses mistake. Also I do apologize to the drivers in the 9th/10th starting row, who might have gotten damage from the accordion effect.

    Jeroen #96

    So euhm yeah, I just thought I drop to the back since I'm not racing for a championship anyway, so you could all race for your precious little points........

    But yeah it was fun racing up front with all the front runners. Just frustrating to constantly have to hold back, so I wouldn't wear out the tires.



    I feel really terrible about that crash :(. Nothing you could have done Gabi. What happended was that when that previous caution came out, I experienced some stuttering. It then went away, but then when I was close behind Kevin, there was another stutter which trew me off (and somehow reversed the sound in my headset...?). The car came up a bit, I corrected, got loose and got into you...

    So it was all me. I'm really sorry it happened.

    Jeroen (#97)

    First of all apologies if anyone got into trouble, because of my lap 1, turn 3 spin. I was so close behind the #50 that I missed my turn in point and I put too much wheel into it, that it spun my car around.

    I'm sure what happened with 60(?) to go. I spun it again of t4, but this time it was different. It was like I hit a bump wrong and it just snapped out of nowhere.

    But somehow I was very lucky I could keep the lead and from that point it was a very intense battle for the lead with 6 cars or so. And I could hold off Gabi, although a few lapped cars made it pretty challenging and win it somehow :).

    Jeroen #96

    About that last caution, Mark I left 2 car widths of room on the outside and stayed below that seem on the track. Not sure why you moved down....

    I did move up trying to get around whoever was put into the wall, but again, left more than enough room on the outside.

    From my point of view it shouldn't be allowed to overtake before the startfinish line.

    I know you cannot overtake, but in real NASCAR races you also cannot get out of line and place your nose of the car below the car in front of you, before you cross the s/f line. So you'll have to stay 2 by 2 until the s/f line.

    This was implemented so drivers wouldn't lay back on the restart to anticipate the green flag so they would have a run on the car in front of them. As this created a lot of mayhem.

    Well that was a terrible race to end the season....

    I do have one question though, I guess it is OK to get out of line and make a move, before passing the start/finish line on a restart?

    I wasn't sure and backed out of the throttle, which allowed Gabriel to get to my inside. And then it was netcode that put me in the wall in turn 1.

    So I guess I'll have to be more aggressive on restarts from this point forward, so I won't get myself in the middle of three wide situations in turn one on restarts.