2022-09-28 Class C #5 Bristol Motor Speedway

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    Session name: http://www.virtual-oval.de
    Private: Yes
    Server: DE-Fra
    License level: Rookie (1.0) to Pro/WC (4.0)
    Track: Bristol Motor Speedway
    Configuration: Single Pit Roads
    Time Of Day: 2022-09-17 19:00 1x
    Car Class: Hosted All Cars Class
    Car: NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado
    Max Fuel Fill %: 100
    Weight Penalty KG: 0
    Weight Penalty LBS: 0
    Power Adjust %: 0.0
    Dry Tire Sets: 5
    Car: NASCAR Camping World Ford F150
    Max Fuel Fill %: 100
    Weight Penalty KG: 0
    Weight Penalty LBS: 0
    Power Adjust %: 0.0
    Dry Tire Sets: 5
    Car: NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
    Max Fuel Fill %: 100
    Weight Penalty KG: 0
    Weight Penalty LBS: 0
    Power Adjust %: 0.0
    Dry Tire Sets: 5
    Fixed Setup: Yes
    Paint Cars: No
    Maximum racers: 43
    AI: No
    Tournament: No
    Dynamic Sky: Yes
    Temperature: 78 °F
    Wind Speed: N @ 2 MPH
    Atmosphere: 55 RH, 0% Fog Cover
    Skies: Partly Cloudy
    Variability: : 0% , 0%
    Practice length: 85 minutes
    Qualifier length: 2 laps OR 5 minutes
    Warmup length: No warmup
    Race length: 250 laps OR 150 minutes
    Start on Q Cmpnd: Yes
    Multi Tire Cmpnds: Yes
    Starting type: Rolling start
    Start zone: Yes
    Parade lap type: long
    Num fast repairs: 0
    Cautions: Race control (Ovals) + Admin
    Count caution laps: Yes
    Lucky dog: On
    Wave arounds: Yes
    Restart type: Double File, Lapped cars to the back
    Consec. caut. single: No
    Green/White/Check: Unlimited
    Hardcore level: Disallow all driving aids (but clutch assist OK)
    Car damage: On
    Restrict results: No
    Warn incident limit: No limit
    DQ incident limit: No limit
    Qual scrutiny: Strict
    Auto-Clean Marbles: No
    Practice: Automatically Generated
    Qualify: Carried over
    Race: Carried over
  • great Qualifying to P2...really good start and could stay on P2 for a looong time, then our tiregods Jake and Dani came from behind and passed...anyway drove over 100laps without any problem, pittet under green (IN BRISTOL!!) and came back on track...not confortable mit my car...so i lost my rear while breaking....steared to the right and wonder..car drove right..direct and HARD into the wall...a safe top5 result ended in P15 with meatball and 30min req...
    damn..it could have been a great evening again...
    Great fight witch Michael Bock again, that was fun!, thank you...your short time parking in my back had raised my pulse to 180 :D

    Stev "Runnigman" Aladisch


    #46 Class B 2023 - 2:joy:
    #46 Class C 2023 - 2:wheel:

  • Shame your race ended that way Stev!

    Unfortunately I picked op 4x twice from lapped cars. Especially the first one around lap 75 with the #07 affected my race big time. I suffered from steering damage after that and the next 180 laps where no fun I tell you :heul: Truck was hard to handle and sharp pace was gone.

    I'm proud of the field the race stayed green on this track, but I could've really used a caution to fix my damage somewhere. :pfeif:

    Edit: forgot to mention I was very happy with my first pole in this series!

  • Yes, that was a fun race. I am very happy with the top 5 result.

    The fact that we had no yellow flag was more luck than good sense. I was able to observe various situations in front of me where there was almost an accident.

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  • Wow. 250 laps Bristol without a yellow :top:

    Great first Stint behind Stev. Tried it high, tried it low, tried it while lapping but couldnt get through. Nice racing :wheel: Too bad that you were gone after the Pit Stops. I tried to make the undercut.

    And a big sorry for raising your pulse. The lapper in front of us that went to the pits frighten me so much that i hammered the brakes a bit too much and got loose. It was my luck that your are such an good Drifter and didn't loose the Car :klatsch:

  • Hello guy's

    Was a mega nice race. A successful debut. I was really surprised that it went off without a caution. I'm looking forward to more.

    Christian Hippel #70

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