2024-05-26 Class A Pro #15 Charlotte Motor Speedway

  • wie erwartet keine YF. durch die 3x NiS Coke600 wusste ich, dass ich bei sonne im stint scheisse bin. durch den start um 1800 und da im NiS mit YFs die sonne um Lap 185 rum unterging wusste ich, dass wir nie "nacht" haben werden. erster stint leider echt verkackt. somit auf ein fight mit maik um p6 eingestellt, den ich vermutlich verloren hätte. durch gute stints ab stint 2 (bin sehr zufrieden auch mit den letzen 2 stints - speed war richtig gut), das pech von maik (disco) und die speeding von roland hat mich dann noch auf p5 gebracht. nehme ich. sonst wars sehr ereignisslos

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  • Amazing pace Jakub, impossible to get you and I overcooked my tires the last 20 laps of the first stint.

    Si my goal was to keep the 2nd place and hold Carsten behind what I accomplished at the end of the 2nd stint even with worse tires. From there I found the perfect line for the 2nd half of the race keeping it 0.1 sec behind Carsten till my last pit stop before him.

    From there I drove it home keeping him all time around 1 sec till the last laps where the gat increased a bit so happy with 2nd when I sucked yesterday on both Coke NIS races.

    Toller fight Carsten. Hab schön geschwitzt.

  • The track was nothing like the Nascar Iracing Series and I paid dearly for it, I couldn't find the ideal line to go fast without wasting tires.

    I'm happy with fourth place.

    I don't understand some drivers who are lapped but are still fighting for position when there is a rule that says you can't do that and you have to make it easier for them to pass.

  • I keep checking the rules but can't find them.... could you help me?

    Rule #1: Fairness and respect ;)

    Bin ohne Vorbereitung ins Rennen, die Motivation fehlte komplett.

    Daher dann ohne Q ins Rennen und schön piano gemacht. Mit der Zeit immer mehr Leute aufgesammelt und in die Top15 gefahren. Bis auf den 3.Stint fühlten sich alle Stints gut an. Einmal unnötig Reifen verheizt, weil Kevin unbedingt gegenhalten musste mit alten Reifen. Weiß nicht, warum man da 2 Runden im 2-wide fahren muss um danach pro Runde 0,5s zu verlieren auf mich. Völlig sinnfrei.

    Am Ende hats leider nicht gereicht Roland noch hinter mir zu halten, 2-3 Runden weniger und es hätt gereicht.

    Aber mit P9 bin ich absolut zufrieden. Manchmal kann ichs doch noch. :D

  • WIe du selbst sagst wir alle hatten unseren Fight mit jemandem im Rennen und die unterschiedliche Strategie mit Carsten zwang mich 100% alle Runden zu fahren was der geringe Abstand mit ihm am Ende bewiesen hat.

  • Rule #1: Fairness and respect ;)

    Rule #1: Fairness and respect?

    Start by respecting my race, which you don't seem to do. Anything can happen and I can gain some position, I'm giving my 100%, it's racing, do you really think I'm going to look at which rider is fighting against the other and how close they are to each other or if they are closing the gap? I'm sorry but that's your problem and if you don't want to lose time get up a few meters earlier and accelerate a few meters earlier taking all my slipstream, if you don't know how to do it it's your problem but it will probably benefit you.

    I close the debate for my part

  • Enjoyable race yesterday. Very good job by everybody to keep the race under the green in all laps. But it didn't start well for me. During the practice session in my first stint, I didn't feel comfortable. The setup didn't suit me at all. Then it was a little bit better, when the track conditions changed. In the qualifying, I managed to do a decent lap, which put him into the front row on the outside lane. After the start, I kept my second place and was behind Kevin. My plan was to manage the tires early and then attack. I was doing pretty well, but it took a lot of work to overtake Kevin. After that, I want to make some gap to the guys behind me, but Carsten was a bit better in the first stint. I pitted one lap earlier and overtook him again.

    Since that point, I felt really good. I had a bit better tires than Kevin, so this time, it was a bit easier. The rest of the race was about managing the gap to the guys behind me. I saw that Carsten and Kevin have some battle behind me, so I took the opportunity to get a bigger lead on them. Everything then went smoothly for me without any problems and I managed to get my fourth win of the season. Very happy with that result. Also very strong race by you Kevin. It was a great battle in the first part of the race. :top:

    Looking forward to the final three races of the season. The next race will be a challenge for me. :wheel: